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Eco-Healing Adventure, Sth Island, NZ

February 13, 2019 @ 14:00 - February 19, 2019 @ 14:00 AEDT


Eco-Healing: Deep Ecology, Sacred Ecology & Healing Ecology in the ancient wilderness of New Zealand’s South Island.

An experience not to be missed! This is the experiential nature workshop of the year in this area of outstanding natural beauty – an unforgettable experience!

Join us in the Eye of the Kiwi in the unspoiled North West corner of New Zealand’s South Island. From the vast ancient wilderness of Kahurangi National Park (New Zealand’s second largest National Park) to the matchless beauty of Golden Bay and Farewell Spit.

Deep we go, exploring beyond the surface and immersed in the vast visual beauty, as we open and strengthen our connections with all beings and the spirit of the country and the energies that create an unique web of life in this ancient ecosystem dating back millenium.

We explore that human identity exists at the intersection of the ancient cycles of air, water and soil. In spite of the pervasive illusion of separation, in reality no separation is possible between nature and ourselves.

Arne Naess, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at Oslo University, suggested that what is needed are community therapies “healing our relations to the widest community, that of all living beings”. By acknowledging our interconnectedness we invite the spontaneous healing of the psyche.

In this workshop we participate in a series of processes and rituals informed by those used by indigenous peoples throughout time. Using personal sharing, experiential Healing Ecology (the two way process of healing the earth and the earth healing us), Deep Ecology and Sacred Ecology, we dissolve the separation between person and planet. Vision and empowerment arise naturally from realigning ourselves with the living Earth.

Investment: A$1200 full or $995 early bird / concession (early bird prices till 18 Jan: A$1000 full or A$895 concession)

Prices include all accommodation (in a shared bunk room or optional camping), meals and facilitation.
For more details on the location, transport and accommodation click here >>

More info and booking: www.innatewisdomconnection.com.au
For questions please call 0407 650 026 or email info@innatewisdomconnection.com.au or contact us here

What others experienced

“It’s been a month and I still feel ongoing positive change in myself after the [Eco-Healing Advenure], a definite shift in my ability to love and be kind and accepting to myself which is such a blessed relief and all thanks to you guys. (And so amazing after EVERYTHING I’ve tried) I think of you all often with love ‘n gratitude” – Dale Shaddick

“I am more ready than ever to get out closer to the wilderness and embrace a new job, scene and lifestyle. It was such an amazing opportunity to set some intentions and heed the calls to open some new doors and windows.” – Naomi Smith

An amazing…days – in a sacred space that you created. Yes we co-created but you created that space for us to grow into. That’s magic.’ – Phil Harrington

My Mother Tree connecting me to the earth…….. . Such happiness and emotion after a long, deep, meaningful and often painful journey to finally be connected to find peace and contentment in my life. Thank you Mother Earth. Thank you to facilitators Phoenix Arrien and Mike Lowe for guiding our ‘journey…’ – Andrew Browne

”I feel so deeply transformed after experiencing the Eco Healing Adventure with Phoenix and Mike. I experienced such deep connection to myself, the other particpants and Source through the magic of the …Wilderness and the profound and powerful processes that our Facilitators guided us through.

Phoenix and Mike created a safe sacred space for authentic relating, allowing participants to unfold, release and transform in their own natural rhythm. It was such an honour to be a part of a process that enabled men and women to come together in this way and to witness, honour and bless each others journey as we brought our shadows into the light and worked through the processes in a very real way, enabling us to express our rawness and our vulnerability and be held safely in this space.

What I loved most about this retreat was that the Facilitators were an equal part of our group, experiencing the journey for themselves as well as holding the space. It was very humbling and made it a very real experience for me – we were all traversing this together. Rather than being dictated to by experts Mike and Phoenix skillfully opened the space for each participant’s inner wisdom to shine through and guide their own journey through the process. I highly recommend this experience for anyone wanting to experience deep connection on all levels” – Christina Reeves

“The greatest gift of space and time – to re-discover self, connect with the energy that nurtures. To lie in the safe embrace of deep rooted forest. To breathe deep and remember I am part and always coupled with these trees, rocks, insects and animals. At times risky, but with all new adventures are. To find childlike joy in the play of the breeze in the leaves to a profound conversation with the spirit of the myrtle beech giant. It is and will always be a gift to myself – these 4 days :-)” – Cass

What a great experience. The forest , swimming, community – a first for me – have loved it all. Thank you, may the journey continue.” – Cynthia

“Laugh, new friend. A new community, a furthering and extending of a special web. A new seeing, a learning to smell, breathe, touch and take in nature and an urgency to protect her.” Love, Rob

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