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Exploring Consciousness: The Mysteries Within

July 10, 2018 @ 18:30 - 19:30 AEST


All things in our universe have at one time or another, and in one tradition or another, been described as a play of consciousness. The stars, the Earth, the nature that surrounds us, our bodies, our thoughts and our emotions. All of these are said to form part of some great tapestry of which we are…what? The orchestrator, an active participant or a mere bystander?

One of the first, and perhaps final, mysteries of consciousness is to discover who you are and what role you occupy in this work of art. How do you reach a mastery of consciousness to first see the nature of your reality, and then choose your destiny.

Come join Neil Arora, a student and instructor of the Clairvision School of Meditation, as he shares his experiences, thoughts and reflections on the mysteries of consciousness. The Clairvision School has been mapping consciousness for over 30 years, and has systematically developed a formidable wealth of techniques geared towards the exploration of consciousness.

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