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Everything that good marketing should do

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Would you like a press release in LivingNow?

It does everything that good marketing should do!

Are you sending press releases around the traps? It is a time-consuming activity isn’t it? It’s also an expensive activity – one which doesn’t always bring results, as editors reject your copy, or will cut it dramatically because there was insufficient room.

Perhaps you have tried display advertising, but you had so much you wanted to say in that little box that the result was not very impacting and therefore not very successful…?

LivingNow can publish your press release (or a ‘writeup’, as we call it, in our Advertiser News & Reviews section) for such a cheap price – in fact it is the cheapest ‘real estate’ in our printed pages – starting from 45 words and a picture for $166 up to a full page for $1301 (these prices are ex GST & already include our prepayment discount).

It is your own specific press release saying what you want to say, and with full contact details to attract readers to be your customers.

What’s more, it’s cheap enough to take an ongoing series (in fact it’s cheaper again for multiples). With an ongoing series you are in effect creating your own column.

Here is a testimonial from someone who did this for six issues, taking 220 words: “We really like the WriteUp – of all our print advertising, it has received the best response in terms of numbers of people attending our various events. People often refer to having seen ‘an article’ about us in LivingNow.”

The writeup is amazing value for money. Why? Because it does everything that good marketing should do:

  • branding
  • creating understanding of your brand
  • speaking personally to our readers
  • engendering trust by repetition
  • getting the readers to look forward to what will be in next issue’s column

The investment in time to write this will be worth every moment.

Our full page writeup advertisers love them too, as you can see by these great testimonials:

“by far the easiest marketing/advertising campaign I have ever had to conduct, with the greatest return on investment” (that was from the CEO of an organic skincare company, who also said that our readers were “real customers, looking for quality health and beauty products”)

“netted six times the value of the ad” (that was for a course)

“better result than I’ve ever seen in all my years in PR” (from a now deceased PR agent who had also worked in the U.S. as Rupert Murdoch’s PR person for many years).

Email us for full details, and we can even send you examples of ‘good’ write-ups, if you’d like to see some.

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