Is Father Christmas real? – Keeping the magic alive

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Do you remember when you discovered the truth about Father Christmas? This concept essentially relates to the real magic of life and metaphysics and making our dreams and wishes come true.


Discovering the truth about Father Christmas can be a life-changing moment for most children, where the magic of the holidays will last forever if done in the right way.

The concept of Father Christmas essentially relates to the real magic in life and metaphysics and making our dreams and wishes come true.

Essentially for a child, Christmas is all about getting what they want. Among other things, metaphysics includes teaching that we all have the power to achieve our life dreams and getting what we want by tapping into the natural laws of the Universe. It teaches the laws of cause and effect, the power of visualisation and the laws of attraction.

Explain the natural law of cause and effect, being that their actions and decisions will have consequences and will impact on their life. Whatever situation they can cause (good or bad), there will be an effect. If they make good choices, they can expect good things in return. The concept of Father Christmas teaches younger children this by teaching them if they’re good girls and boys, he will bring them presents.

Also explain the natural law of attraction, being that wishes or prayers can help to attract things into your life as well as taking action. Empower your child with the knowledge that they can choose to be whatever they want to be, now that they’re old enough to understand this. For younger children, wishes and acting good symbolises presents from Father Christmas in return. They are taught that their actions will have consequences and will result in presents from Father Christmas if they’re good.

Also teach them about the act of giving and receiving and how it’s rewarding to do both of these things. The ultimate seasonal message is about being kind and loving to others, but you also should be kind and loving to yourself. Reiterate that we all have the power to achieve our life dreams through the choices we make and actions we take.

Explaining Father Christmas in this way has the potential to empower children positively and increase the bond they have with their parents or carers.

The greatest joy can be achieved by giving to others. Most people love to give, but in order to have anything to offer you must also look after yourself. The ability to love yourself and love others unconditionally is the ultimate gift in life and is a state of mind anyone can achieve. Giving unconditionally opens your heart to the universal flow of positive energy. Although Christmas is commercially driven, it can teach children the concept that being good brings you and others joy in return.

There’s absolutely nothing in the way (except yourself) of getting in flow with life and doing your own thing, in your own way, achieving what you want in your life. So go get it, and do it now. Keep the spirit of Christmas alive and start creating your ideal life for you and your family now. Oh, and always live in love!

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