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Fertility and electro-smog

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Fertility problems are common and come at great cost. While a complex issue, there is evidence that exposure to electrosmog can affect fertility and contribute to miscarriage.


There is evidence that electrosmog through exposure to high electromagnetic fields may be associated with fertility problems and miscarriage. It is the one factor that has changed most over the last few decades.

Medical researcher Dr Sam Milham discovered a clear connection between the rollout of electricity and people suffering from civilisation ailments. He documented that the first wave of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and fertility problems coincided with the installation of the electric grid last century.

This issue has become exacerbated with modern technology, as our electric wiring now also carries ‘dirty electricity’. This is caused by high frequency spikes that run on electric wiring and that, according to Milham, amplify the health risks of the electric fields in our homes and workplaces.

Not only that, as for no generation before us, we now live in a soup of high frequency radiation from mobile phone and wireless communication technologies, neither of which has ever been proven safe despite industry assurances. The amount of such radiation has increased exponentially as we now send large chunks of data, pictures, videos as well as phone calls and messages through the air. Phone towers are loaded up with more and more powerful antennas, and smart meter transmissions add to the high frequency smog.

How electromagnetic radiation affects the body

Our cells communicate via minute electrical impulses. So it makes sense that external electromagnetic radiation millions of times the strength of cell impulses may interrupt their communication. This can affect sperm, eggs and the embryo, and cause difficulties conceiving, miscarriages and even cell mutations that can get passed onto the next generation.

Like other stress factors, electromagnetic radiation creates oxidative stress in the body, which  decreases cell oxygenation, accelerates ageing and produces an inflammatory response common to all civilisation diseases. Electromagnetic radiation can also disrupt the calcium metabolism responsible for hormonal balance, and is associated with DNA damage.

Whether people are aware of high levels of electrosmog or not, only a small percentage of people can perceive electromagnetic radiation, but everybody reacts to it with a stress response. Dr Magda Havas has shown that, in the presence of electromagnetic radiation, healthy blood cells clump together, reducing the amount of oxygen a cell can carry.

How to use technology safely

Given those known reactions, a precautionary approach to electro-smog is warranted. Here are some ways of using technology that reduce the risks to your health.

  • Keep mobile and cordless phone calls to a minimum
  • Keep these phones at a distance from your body and use a speaker phone or headset
  • Do not spend time or sleep near a cordless phone or its base station
  • Do not use tablets, laptops or mobile phones near a woman’s pregnant belly or small children
  • Turn your phone, tablet or laptop onto ‘airplane mode’ when transmission is not required
  • For men, do not carry your phone in your pocket as it can affect sperm health and mobility
  • If possible, use corded landlines to make phone calls
  • Do not sit within 4m of your wifi router
  • Turn the wifi off at night, or even better, use corded internet
  • Do not have the bed near or on the other side of the wall from the meter box, fridge, electric hot water system, etc.
  • Move any cables, lamps and clocks 1-2m away from the bed
  • Do not use electric blankets (or switch off at power point) and keep electronics out of the bedroom.

Many, but not all, electromagnetic fields can be eliminated by the above strategies. Bedrooms are often affected by electric fields or dirty electricity from the wiring in walls or floors, there may be currents running on water pipes, which can affect the whole house, or there may be external influences such as power lines, a neighbour’s wifi, smart meter or mobile phone antennas.

In most instances, this remaining electro-smog can nevertheless be detected, measured, eliminated or at least reduced by a qualified person. For example, electric fields in the bedrooms can be eliminated through circuit breakers, and targeted shielding may be used to reduce external sources of electro-smog.

Staying on top of electro-stress

Symptoms of electro-stress include insomnia, fatigue, headaches, ringing in the ears, heat sensations, pains, brain-fog, irritability, concentration difficulties and more. Electromagnetic radiation can debilitate the immune system to a point of causing fertility and pregnancy issues.

Sometimes the move to a new home or workspace can bring on such symptoms. At other times they can creep up slowly as the effects of electro-smog are cumulative. For this reason a precautionary approach and ‘electromagnetically quiet’ environments are recommended. This is especially important for bedrooms where we want to be able to recharge and recuperate from the stresses of busy lives. It is even more important when planning pregnancy –from at least three months prior to conception.

The healthier we are, the better we will be able to handle and recover from environmental stress. For this reason, it is recommended to actively stay healthy with regular exercise, healthy food and regularly detoxing. There are many natural health practitioners able to assist with this. Each of us possesses immense healing powers and even those who have experienced ill effects from electromagnetic radiation can heal, given a reduction in radiation combined with steps of restoring the immune power of the body.



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Brigitte Seum is a building biologist, building inspector, qi gong practitioner and naturopath specialising in healthy indoor environments. Her purpose is the creation of comfortable sustainable living spaces that support health and well-being.

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