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Finding the joy: Divine Mother love

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As a devotee of the Divine feminine, I love the joy and the invitation to be gloriously who I am meant to be.

As Mothers Day is here again it seems timely to remember the Mother of us All, the spirit of all creation. Whether we call Her the Shekinah, or Narayani, Isis, Mother Mary, Sophia, she is the Great Goddess, bringer of joy, hope, a refuge and shelter to our souls. Known by countless names, the essence of the divine feminine is the aliveness we feel when we bounce out of bed, enthused and energised for our day. It is the kindness shown when no-one is looking, the wag in a dog’s tail, the source of inspiration when we are at our wit’s end. The sea, the forests, the air we breathe and everything around us is filled with her blissful radiance.

When I connect with our glorious mother, there is a tingling excitement, a sense of all-possibility. There is a natural feeling of awe and reverence. I am bathed in so much energy, with lashings of life force floating all around and through me.

Creation is more than our physical senses can detect. When we approach her as devotees with love and respect, when we look with our sixth senses, she is ever present and will give her blessings to us. Without a proper attitude, we will never find her.

As spiritual traditions go, there is no dull, guilt laden, stay invisible, misogynist dogma or pious claptrap here. As a devotee of the Divine feminine, I love the joy, the invitation to be gloriously who I am meant to be, to enjoy the richness and aliveness of what is possible here on planet Earth, and to see everything as interconnected, attempting bit by bit to come into wholeness.

Attunement to the mother principle is an attunement to life and love, to light and beauty. She is also wild and at times demanding, dealing the odd blow to our egos, extracting us from our semi-consciousness, and urging us to discover what amazing beings we really are.

She is too vast to belong to any particular religion. Her essence is pure love. Call her by whichever names resonate with you and she will come. This Mothers Day, give your mum lots of hugs – and remember our Divine Mother, whose essence is to be found wherever you are.


Shakti Durga is a spiritual teacher, author, sacred musician and healer. Based at the Abode of Peace Harmony Centre and Ashram. She offers seminars nationally by donation. 

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