Finding balance: running a business / staying sane

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Many business leaders live a tough life because they have to strike a balance between their personal and professional life.

However, the most important thing is to take care of oneself. If you’re not healthy, then you won’t be able to run your business efficiently. The business environment is very complex, which is why leaders have to be able to find a healthy balance, and avoid burning out.

However, the big question is: how do you strike that balance? Well, a simple answer is to make sure that an active lifestyle is in practice. Some business leaders will manage their workforce and might will not have a proper routine for their office. This needs to change to  cultivate authentic leadership and create a healthy division of time.

If you’re looking to find a balance between running your business without burning out, here’s what you need to know.

The secrets of success

Wake up early

This is the most important thing that you need to do to create the conditions for a healthy work/life balance. If you have a habit of staying up late checking work emails, then you’d benefit from changing your routine. By waking up early in the morning, not only will you be able to check with employees and ensure their team is motivated and using time efficiently, but you will also be able to come back home so that you can spend time with kids, family, or doing the things you love. People who wake up early are able to fall into patterns of  getting the sleep they need, and have a higher level of energy for staying active all day.

Manage your staff effectively

As a business leader, it is your responsibility to set team goals and uplift the people who have served and benefited your business. Try creating a smart hierarchy with help from your senior staff. Divide the important duties and tasks between them. For example, if your company has an HR manager or Accounts Manager, encourage smaller teams underneath them. This creates small, manageable hierarchies of power. Once you have assigned them their tasks, there is no need to worry about anything else.

This strategy is used by marketing experts Search It Local who created a PPC Marketing team to reduce pressure on upper management, saying “introducing small teams has allowed us to streamline communication. Ideas don’t get stuck in layers of red tape, and our clients benefit from a smooth process, with client tickets being closed 12% faster.”

Once you have created your teams you simply issue orders and watch the trickle down efficiency.

Don’t overthink

Do you have an HR manager in the office? If yes, then why are you worrying about employee salary calculations or other tasks that slow down your productivity? Once you have divided authority, the next step is to let the managers do their work. Avoid the temptation to micro-manage and let your team of experts do what they were hired to do. Most business leaders over work by investing themselves in mundane tasks and intruding in the work that has been responsibly assigned to the managers.

Exercise regularly

Keeping fit is a secret which makes business leaders look and feel youthful and vibrant. Your business is invariably going to bring a lot of stress to the table. You surely don’t want to consume all that! Exercising every single day is something that will not only relax your mind but will also keep you active for the rest of the day. Early morning yoga is a great idea for shrugging off excess stress from your mind. According to the yoga experts at Mukti Freedom Yoga, “you can maximise your morning yoga time by preparing the night before. Set out your gear and make a morning snack for that post-yoga hunger. Not only will this mean better yoga time, but it will help you practice mindfulness each day too”. Moreover, you can also do an early morning walk to stay fit and start your day on a natural high.

Manage the finances in a timely manner

Cash flow is vital to reduce stress and encourage a healthy business. Still, poor cash flow is an issue which many companies run into. The moment funds are available, only then will the manager be able to calculate and distribute employee salaries. Sometimes businesses have to delay the process, and extra costs are incurred. If you are concerned about maintaining cash flow in the short term, consider a small business loan. According to the experts at Max Funding, “short term business loans are quick and cost-effective. This cash flow solution helps you to save on interest payments and the burden of making long-term monthly repayments. It’s money in and out without placing pressure on your business.”

Are you ready to strike a balance in your life?

It is very important to have a stress free life, both for your health and for the health of your business. This balance can only be achieved if you have an active lifestyle and a balanced routine at work. Trust your managers to do their job and ensure your finances are in order. People who overlook one aspect of life for another typically run into troubles in the long run. Take the steps we’ve spoken about today to stay fit, give your work the attention it needs, and enjoy quality time with family too.

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