Firing our reptilian brains

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Sometimes you are so frozen by fear you don’t even realise it. How to use your imagination to reclaim your body and short circuit fear.


After several months of semi-hibernation for me, suddenly it’s time to turn the lights back on and leap. It has been tempting to do this earlier but somehow it wasn’t possible.

Why not? Contemplating this reminds me of some frogs I rescued from the middle of the road one winter night. It was pitch dark and the road was full of them. I stopped my car and tried to prod them off the road but they wouldn’t budge. Couldn’t budge was more like it. They just sat there no matter how much I prodded – fully grown frogs that could not move a muscle to save themselves. I was horrified. “What’s wrong with them?”, I mused as I curled a leaf over each of them and carried them to the safety of the curb.

They had come out of hibernation early due to a premature thaw but, at night, as temperatures plummeted, they had no power to do anything but stare with bright-eyed consciousness at looming headlights that could well be fatal.

Perhaps you too know this feeling? Caught in the headlights of looming deadlines that could well be fatal and the wiring that usually causes you to leap is somehow non-functional.

We too have an ancient reptilian brain that lurks deep inside our more advanced neocortex. Even though outdated, it is still the gatekeeper that shuts everything down if one vital ingredient is missing. It needs warmth or suddenly the lights go out.

Fortunately we humans have evolved into warm-blooded creatures, with our own inbuilt radiator. If there’s no-one around to huddle up to, or even hate until we’re hot, or hopping mad, we can switch the power back on all by ourselves.

How? By using our imagination to activate the energy of our heart.

Research from Heartmath reveals that the human body has an electromagnetic field around it just like the Earth’s, and, more startling, your heart is a master switch that can turn this magnetic field on, enhance it, dim it or shut it down.

How to put your own advanced neocortex power source to good use

Breath + imagination

Touch your chest, in the region where your heart is, and breathe deeply. Imagine breathing into your heart and out again. Do this long enough and your heart will start to glow. You might even find your whole body starts to tingle and come alive again. If this feels like fear, don’t resist it. Hold it firmly like a small wild animal, until it softens, releases its claws from your mind and turns to joy. Add awe for little things that make life so special. Sunlight catching a raindrop. A rosebud opening… Suddenly your creative juices are flowing again and the world looks much brighter.

Now take that leap into your ideal future before the light in the tunnel really does transport you to another realm. 😉


Swiss-based master hand analyst, Jena Griffiths, has helped thousands of people discover their life purpose and live it. Jena will be back in Australia end October to offer more talks, life purpose readings and workshops in Queensland and NSW.

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