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Five questions to kickstart total life transformation

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You deserve to achieve your dreams…

For most of us, life can always get better. Most people who consult with me are seeking increased happiness or more fulfilment. Some have achieved financial wealth, yet yearn for spiritual wealth. Some do yoga but can’t seem to get ahead in their careers. Others have it so good that they forget to be grateful.

How can your life become truly extraordinary? Ask better questions!

Perhaps you’re in a ‘bad’ situation and instead of seeing it as a learning point, or stimulus for making a change, you’re stuck in the perceived shock or drama of it. If a relationship or job ends, it is not the end of the world, even though it may feel that way. Some of the greatest leaders have suffered spectacular failures.

All is never lost in failure or loss; on the contrary, often we learn the most from overcoming adversity. Most people know this consciously, yet emotionally they’re still vulnerable to drama and the feeling that the world has ended when they experience a big change.

Here are five quality questions that will kickstart you on the path to achieving your dreams:

1. What do I dream of doing and how can I be paid to do it?

Another way to ask this is:

  • If money, time, health or anything else impeding me, were not a factor, what would I love to do with my life?
  • If I could magically transport myself ahead ten years from now, and look down upon this moment, what advice would I give to myself?
  • How will I turn this around into an opportunity for realising my goals?

Now you could also add an altruistic angle:

  • How will this make the world a better place?
  • What can I do to be of service (for others and ultimately for all humanity)?

2. What is the ONE action step I can take today to get me closer to achieving my dreams?

Take action on your dreams.

3. How can I learn from this?

  • What did I do that was an effective strategy – how can I make it even better?
  • Was there something that didn’t work so well, and if so, what did I learn from it?
  • How will this make me into an improved ‘better me’?
  • How have I handled challenges in the past?
  • What solutions could I program for myself that will prepare me to face similar challenges in the future?

4. How have I chosen this, and when will I start taking complete responsibility for everything that happens in my life…?

Start realising that this is not a dress rehearsal. If you’re not learning and improving yourself by taking responsibility for everything you have in your life, then your dreams may stay fantasy.

5. What am I truly grateful for?

Enjoy the moments you have. Quality time is taking the time to find out what you enjoy, know yourself better, and bringing that awareness into your life. It’s extraordinary what magic will start to happen when you open your heart through gratitude.

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David G Arenson

David, a naturopath and transformational coach, has explored over 20 countries, and developed a system of initiation called Shambhala therapy, a touch activation tool for mind-body healing. David writes on expansive living, consciously growing our awareness, and thriving on all levels of life.

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