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Flower essences: combining ancient technology with future science

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Flower essences are a profound form of energy medicine and have long been part of the tradition of Earth-based and shamanic healing.

For millennia, healers of all descriptions have accessed and utilised the intelligence inherent in Nature for a variety of purposes, particularly personal transformation. From Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome to the Aborigines of Australia, civilisations around the world have revered the power of flowers and used flower remedies for emotional, physical and spiritual healing. Paracelsus, the 15th century botanist and physician, wrote specifically about collecting dew from flowering plants, diluting it and using the liquid to treat imbalances in his patients.

The new flower essences

In recent times, this ancient technology has experienced a significant evolution. It is becoming one of the most potent forms of natural healing available for assisting us to meet the unique challenges of our times. As the speed of change escalates and our individual and collective challenges intensify, it is time to allow Nature to guide us to solutions to our most perplexing problems.

There are flower essence practitioners doing pioneering work in the fields of health and spirituality. They are at the leading edge of new thought and are laying the foundation for future science. The traditional remedies are still effective for their intended purposes. However, flower essences holding new patterns of consciousness provide solutions at a level that has not previously existed. This is assisting us to address challenges we have never before faced. They support our development into more evolved, spiritually mature and vital human beings.

How flower essences are made

Every flower holds a pattern of consciousness or ‘energy signature’. The flower essence practitioner chooses blossoms that have reached their peak potency and immerses the petals in water. The practitioner invokes Nature’s intelligence to extract the essence of the flower, specifically its healing properties. After sitting in the sun for several hours, the solution is preserved, usually with brandy or vinegar. The resulting stock solution, called mother tincture, is used to create dosage bottles.

How flower essences work

Each flower essence has a specific purpose. When you take a flower essence (on or under the tongue), the ‘energy signature’ it holds enters your subtle energy system. It is then translated into the physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual levels, creating shifts over time. The effects of flower essences are subtle and profound, immediate and long-term. Your level of sensitivity determines how quickly a flower essence has an effect on your subtle energy system and your ability to notice the effect. To increase your sensitivity, adopt higher nutritional practices (e.g., cleansing, fasting, juicing, raw cuisine, etc.). Also consider increasing the time you spend in spiritual practices (e.g., empowered prayer, meditation, tai chi, yoga, etc.).

Healing versus suppression

We are accustomed to addressing symptoms by suppressing them, rather than healing their underlying metaphysical causation. Ultimately, to experience health and well-being, we must heal imbalances at their point of origin within our consciousness. An example of this would be imprints from past experiences such as childhood trauma. We must also make the requisite life changes to align our lives with the impulses of our souls.

All flower essences address underlying causation to some extent. The flower essences based in the new Aquarian consciousness provide an opportunity for us to take our inner healing to new levels – reaching final resolution of the past, setting the stage for optimal health and supporting us to reach higher levels of consciousness.

With so many flower essences available, how do you know what to choose?

1. Decide at which level you wish to work

While most flower essences are holistic in nature (i.e., attuned to body, mind and spirit), each brand has a different purpose and intended effect. When choosing a flower essence, it is important to consider what shifts you wish to make. It is also important to consider at what level you wish to work (physical, emotional/mental and/or spiritual). Here are some examples demonstrating the range of options:

The flower essence Celery from Perelandra Ltd. “restores the balance of the immune system during times when the system is being overworked or stressed. This essence is particularly helpful during long-term illnesses caused by viral or bacterial infections that overpower and can eventually break down the immune system altogether. The essence of celery holds the balancing support for the immune system during such times.”

The flower essence Electro from Australian Bush Flower Essences “greatly relieves fear and distress associated with earth, electrical and electromagnetic radiation. It helps to bring one into balance with the natural rhythms of the earth.”

The flower essence Larch from Bach Flower Remedies is “for those who do not consider themselves as good or capable as those around them, who expect failure, who feel that they will never be a success, and so do not venture or make a strong enough attempt to succeed.”

The flower essence Perfected Manifestation from La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences “supports you in all phases of the manifestation process. It elevates your consciousness so you are able to conceive ideas. It also allows you to set intentions that allow for your highest participation in the Divine Plan. Then it will support you in translating these ideas and intentions into Perfected Form. Perfected Manifestation also assists you in becoming aware of and transcending self-limiting perceptions that impede your ability to manifest.”

2. Assess flower essence quality

There is great diversity in flower essence quality. One of the key factors is the land on which the flowers are grown. Land that is chemical-free, energetically and physically balanced and maintained at the highest level produces the most potent flowers. The consciousness of the flower essence practitioner is also critical to the quality of the flower essences.

3. Choose flower essences that support your highest unfolding at this time

Use your intuition supported by the names of the flower essences, their purpose statements and corresponding photos, and/or use muscle-checking or dowsing (with a pendulum).

Recognising the effects of flower essences

Be conscious of prematurely judging the efficacy of flower essences and, therefore, prematurely discontinuing their use. I had a client who was taking flower essences to support her in addressing the underlying issues related to a long-standing depression, for which she was heavily medicated. After a few months she wrote to say she was going to discontinue using the flower essences because she hadn’t noticed any changes. I encouraged her to keep taking them. A year later, I saw her 60 pounds lighter, with a smile on her face, having made a series of positive life changes.

We have become accustomed to arduous and complicated approaches to personal growth. Though our evolutionary leaps can be challenging, our personal growth can be simplified…and accelerated. Such is the gift of flowers. The ancient Maya call the new age that began on December 21, 2012, the Age of ‘Itza’, which means, among many things, ‘peace and flowers’. It is time for us to blossom. Let us now choose perfected flowers to guide our unfolding of the peace and beauty within.

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