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What is the impact of not following our dreams?

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Another day, another dollar – are we letting our need for money drive out our passions and dreams?

What will it take for us to sit up and listen to the yearning of our souls? What will it take for humanity to set itself free?

From awareness comes freedom

So many of us are not free of our judgements on others. Some of us are not free of our need to make money at all costs, whilst others suffer. However, when we connect with our true self and start to recognise our natural gifts, passions, and talents, we also start to connect with the true essence of who we are.

When we connect with the true essence of who we are, we naturally start to heal ourselves from all that has held us captive. We begin to free ourselves from what has stopped us stepping into our true power, and has taught us to be less than we can be.

What is it that stops us from following our dreams and passions?

Our current schooling system teaches us to be the same as each other. And at the same time, it teaches us to compete against others instead of supporting each other. Usually it teaches us to be good at certain subjects whilst dismissing other natural gifts as not being worthy. It teaches us to not be ourselves, and that we are not good enough.

We are taught to follow society’s dreams instead of the dreams that we hold deep inside; to put our dreams on the shelf until we have paid off our mortgage and loans… It teaches us to be less than we can be.

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Dreams are the very essence of our being

Dreams are what make us who we are, allowing us to unfold into the power of who we can be.

Our role here is not to make money at all costs! We are here to experience ourselves experientially in all of our glory and all of our wisdom. Our quest is to know ourselves in our full capacity, and allow ourselves to be all that we can be.

My ten top tips to step into the power of who you are:

  1. Remember what makes you smile and do it!
  2. Do something that you love EVERY DAY.
  3. Be in nature.
  4. Spend time alone and get to know your true self.
  5. Remember ‘what you wanted to be when you grew up’ and reconnect to that in whatever capacity you are able to.
  6. Meditate – even if you only do it for 10 minutes a day – it will help you to clear your mind and reconnect to your true self.
  7. Allow yourself to dream – dream big and reach for the stars.
  8. Travel alone whenever you have the opportunity – this allows you to express who you really are instead of living in the box of who other people expect you to be.
  9. Face your fears – start with the small ones and work your way up to the bigger ones. When you face your fears they can no longer control you.
  10. Let yourself be you, even if you think other people won’t like it, because who you are is perfect, in every moment, in every way.

What is the impact of not following our passions and dreams?

If we hold ourselves back from being all that we can be, we start to create fractures in our very being. If we hold onto our fears, we can’t recognise the calling of our soul to walk our true path.

We can find ourselves pulled into the safety of the mundane, putting our dreams on hold for another day, until we no longer even remember that we had those dreams. Then we might find ourselves frustrated and broken, angry and torn, disappointed with life’s trajectory. It’s also hard to support another in their uniqueness, if we are too fearful to show our own.

A call for humanity to set itself free

When we start to step into the true power of who we are, we are then able to hold others in their power. When we recognise the beauty of our own uniqueness, we can also recognise the beauty of another’s. As we start to follow our dreams, we can then support others as they follow theirs. When we start to set ourselves free from society’s chains, we can start to play our role in helping humanity to set itself free.

When we set ourselves free, we are free to explore all that we are and all that we can be, in all of our uniqueness and glory. If we can set ourselves free, we can shine the light of love on the rest of the world to help to set it free too. When we set ourselves free, we become love in all of its tenderness and all of its compassion. When we set ourselves free we can fly…

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Niaby is an ex stockbroker turned healer, spiritual medium, author and podcast host. She hopes to inspire people to find the power to heal themselves, so in turn, they too can inspire others to do the same. Podcast link:

This article is based on The Spirit of Life book, published by Clink Street. Image by KELLEPICS, Pixabay.

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