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If you are not following your heart, where are you headed?

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I had been overusing my head brain to work out stuff in my life, but it wasn’t going that well – too many thoughts, conflicting directions and competing agendas. I needed to focus on following my heart instead.


Lulled by the warmth and gentleness of the afternoon sun on my face, I sat quietly on the veranda with a stunning view of the ocean in the distance. Breathing slowly and deeply into my belly, I closed my eyes and drifted inwards. Expecting a familiar state of ‘nothingness’ for a while, I had no idea what was about to happen next…

It was like a clarion call from my soul, a wake-up message, and a reminder for me to pay heed. I sensed this was important.

“If you are not following your heart, then where are you headed?”, my inner voice said. It didn’t shout at me, but it didn’t hold back either. It was crystal clear, and I immediately resonated with it.

I snapped my eyes open and knew I had to find a pen…fast. I scribbled the words down faithfully, somehow knowing that every part of it was necessary. Then I thought about each and every word. Wow – how cool was the message! “I wish I could come up with something as profound and meaningful”, I thought. Yes, the words appeared in my head – so I can take credit for that bit, but it wasn’t as if I had planned to come up with a quote I could show around my Facebook page! It was clearly a message from some wiser, deeper part of my consciousness to the other somewhat ‘less connected to awesomeness’ part of me.

What was the immediate meaning for me? I had been overusing my head brain to work out stuff in my life, but it wasn’t going that well though – too many thoughts, conflicting directions and competing agendas.

This was encouraging me to connect more deeply with what my heart truly yearns for; the direction it really wants to go. Now this wasn’t totally new to me, but I didn’t yet have all the distinctions I needed to fully understand and apply what was being hinted at here.

It was the work of Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka, authors of mBraining – Using Your Multiple Brains to Do Cool Things, that filled in the gaps of my knowledge and understanding. Their coaching model, called mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Technique), really helped me understand the connection and relationship between head, heart, and gut intelligences.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, they refer to the heart as the ‘emperor’ or ‘empress’. According to my physiotherapist, when someone is standing correctly, the heart is slightly ahead of the head, perhaps meaning we are designed to live our lives heart first. It is in our heart where our deepest and most sacred yearnings live. When we honour them our lives become deeply meaningful and fulfilling.

Further, the authors of The Coherent Heart, Rollin McCraty Ph.D, et al., state that the electromagnetic signal from the cardiac (heart) brain is 60 times higher in amplitude than the cephalic (head) brain and permeates every cell in the body. “The magnetic component of the heart’s field, which is approximately 5,000 times stronger than the magnetic field produced by the brain (Russek & Schwartz, 1996), is not impeded by the body’s tissues and easily radiates outside of the body. This field can be measured several feet away from the body with sensitive magnetometers (McCraty et al., 1998).”

By now I was getting the hint, from my body, from science and from ancient wisdom.

The heart leads….

Now, life is very different. My head isn’t so bossy and my heart has regular access to me and doesn’t have to wait until I’m in a dreamy semi-conscious state. My head knows its role – to provide a stream of ideas and solutions to what my heart wants to experience and contribute, and my gut-brain gets stuff done. Like three best friends, they connect, listen, collaborate, respect, and honour each other.

Yes, there are still challenges of course, but when I allow my heart to be heard, my pathway is easier to follow. Are you following your heart? What is your heart asking you?


Bill has moved from the beach to the beautiful eco village in Currumbin Valley (where his heart wanted to live). He is an mBIT Coach and Master Trainer and, in addition to facilitating mBIT Coach Certification programs in Australia and overseas, he works with heart-based entrepreneurs – his favourite tribe to collaborate with.

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