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Forward momentum is a practice

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Spirit guides have a sense of humour and can gently guide us into the right direction through using cartoon imagery.

I loved the Flintstones (and yes I am THAT OLD.) I enjoyed the 60’s vibe of the backgrounds, the cheesy caveman theme, and especially the celebrity guest star appearances (remember Ann Margrock and Cary Granite?) When I’m doing readings, my guides send me pictures to help communicate messages to the client. It helps me when they send the same image or metaphor over and over to communicate the same advice to different people that need it. It’s like a special dictionary of symbols and meanings that are unique to me and my guides. Sometimes they are hilarious even if the topic is somber. Trust me…spirit has a sense of humour!

Yesterday in one of my readings, I was working with a repeat client who has been disentangling herself from someone who has sociopathic personality disorder. The message was clear: she needed encouragement to keep moving and I was given a fun, creative vision to help explain that to her.

When ‘they’ (my guides) showed me Fred Flintstone in that awesome car of his with his feet running furiously to make the vehicle go, I knew exactly what is going on with my client.

It’s about the ways we get stuck in life and what we need to do to keep moving forward. Confused? OK, let me take this actually very sophisticated existential metaphor a la Hanna-Barbera and break it down for you…

Firstly, the symbol of a car in dreams, art or visions generally equates to your life. You are in the operator’s seat of your life, making choices that direct it, or ‘drive’ it.

Looking through the Floorboard

All of us at some point get stuck in the minutiae of the problems that we face in the present. Some personality types get very intense about studying and analysing every nuance of a situation in order to feel more in control and to quell fear. Others ruminate and worry in a mental/emotional “loop” that repeats over and over. This is the equivalent of looking through the floorboard of your car and studying the ground that your car is stopped over or driving over.

Rear View Mirrors

Are you reminiscing about the past? Angry about something that happened? Obsessing or paranoid over who may be following you or what’s going on with someone that you were entangled with previously? Focusing on what’s behind you while driving is a sure way to end up stuck in a ditch, over the side of a bridge or worse.

Keep Your Eyes On the Road!

This is not just common sense but it is a powerful tool for manifestation as well. When we practice keeping our attention in front of us, i.e. on where we want our lives to go, we become conscious of the huge vista that is laid out before us. We begin to see more options and destinations that we could choose. We get excited about the adventure of our life and we see things in the future that we would like. We allow desire to take over. We manifest.

Drive it Like Fred or Barney

Our lives are more like the cars from the Flintstones, not the Jetsons. Life momentum and forward motion is created by our own effort. Once we start to put our feet on the ground and apply initiative, we begin moving. Once we are in motion the universe kicks in to help and we are blessed with momentum. At the same time, we are looking out of our windshields and steering towards our desires. Maybe we change course or take a wrong turn but we never take our eye off the road. We can always find a different route to where or who we want to be.

The most important thing that I needed to get from this session was that maintaining a forward momentum in life is a repetitive PRACTICE of habits and attention and not something that happens to us or for us. We all get distracted and stuck. Our work is in constantly remembering to lift our heads up and keep focusing forward towards our hopes and dreams.

Happy travels and I’ll see you in Bedrock!


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