Four keys to happiness

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1. Practise daily salutes

Daily salutes are essentially quite simple, very personal and usually spontaneous reflections, observations and thankfulness for that with which you know you are blessed. They can take five seconds or five minutes, be simple or complex, and themed to suit you. For example, in my daily salutes I might take a half-minute to bow to each of the directions. It could be a simple act of closing my eyes and saying thank you to Spirit. Or I might take longer and visualise white, miraculous and healing light wash all over me. It depends — every day and every salute is different (which is one reason I don’t call it a daily ‘ritual’ — calling it a ritual would imply I practise consistency or a structured procedure). Whatever I do, it is usually based on a conscious promise to my Self that I am honouring and adoring my im/perfections and choices. And it is always free-flowing, easy and as simple or complex as I need it to be. I think of it as a quick ‘oil and lube’ for my mind and attitude to realign it with Spirit.

2. Beware the negative patterns

If you decide that you are tired of looking in the mirror and seeing a worn-out, frumpy old body in it, you might decide to change your toxic thinking by saying, ‘I am beautiful.’ This way you’ll begin to notice your sparkling eyes, knock-em-out smile and the years of wisdom that lie beneath the layers of wrinkles. Right? But what really happens when you look yourself in the eye and say, ‘I am beautiful’? What you hear in your head after you’ve said your affirmation is the real voice your subconscious is listening to. If this little voice is laughing, scoffing or challenging your affirmation it is overriding your positive intentions. In short, it’s this negative message you’ll end up acting upon! If you’re good at self-trashing, then you probably won’t even hear the back-enders at first. The self-talk might go something like this: You: I am beautiful Your back-ender: NO YOU’RE NOT! Who do you think you are? Can’t you see the saggy skin? What’s that chestnut jelly doing on your thighs?

Reprogram the station The idea is to retrain your back-enders to sing a positive tune. Consciously instruct your self-talk to follow protocol to agree with your affirmation. For example:

You: I am beautiful Your back-ender: Yeah, I see it! My eyes are flecked with magic, my dimples are deeper than ever, and I am totally beauty-FULL! Learning to reprogram your mind to think positively is the only tried-and-true way of cancelling out all the random noise and achieving peace of mind.

3. Make ‘It is easy’ your motto

Some problems are easy to resolve: you just do it. Others are more challenging, or more complex, or just way too hard. Or are they just hard because you’re conditioned to believe that they’re hard? Why does it have to be hard? Why can’t it be easy? If you catch yourself saying, ‘It’s hard’, stop and consciously change your statement to, ‘It is easy’. It is easy, it is easy, it is easy.

Feel how wonderfully easy everything appears after you’ve said it is easy! Your mind suddenly opens to finding solutions rather than seeing blockages. You can’t make footprints in the sands of time if you’re sitting on your butt. So change your mind to change your mind, and get moving… How easy is that?!

4. Give thanks

Writing and reading about your blessings serves to remind you how lucky and brilliant you are. In other words, when you notice and acknowledge all the things you have to be grateful for, life responds in kind.

Keeping a daily blessings journal is just one way to realise how lucky you really are. It is a challenge to keep the journal up to date every day, but so rewarding. I totally recommend it.

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