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From the ‘new age’ to the ‘now age’

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For me the ‘new age’ journey started in the mid-eighties with my introduction to Louise L Hay’s, ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ book. I refused to read it for two years and then for some reason I opened it at the back pages and found an indexed reference guide to affirmations for curing what ails you. I spent years testing her metaphysical guidance, on myself. She was usually so accurate that I used to look over my shoulder to see if she was following me.

My life since then has been one amazing experience after the other. I checked out heaps of religious and spiritual practices and I read a lot of ‘new age’ books. I admit I am a bit of an extremist; so I usually went in hard and came out fairly quickly. I spent my first 25 years or so in what I call ‘Eat, Shit and Die Land’, you know, believing that we were born, we did what we had to do to survive and be happy and then we were gone. Thank my lucky stars I got past that one. Then I read Louise and entered the land of ‘Metaphysical Magic’. That was heaps of fun and a real eye opener.

Next was the planet where you close your eyes, quiet your mind and try to sit and become empty. This I refer to as the ‘Vacant Land’. Not a lot going on but heaps of room to expand.

The last two years have been a very conflicting and tumultuous period of what can only be called ‘The Conglomerate Expanse’. I have felt like our planet must feel, like a congealed jumble of all different types of rocks (all at different stages in their transformational processes) being pressurised into one complete world, Planet Daya.

I’ve done the fluffy thing, among many other things, and found that everyone of them had their own truth and relevance. And I can tell you I needed all of them to get through the last couple of years and still have a smile on my dial.

So in answer to your question about what the new age means to me, I thought the new age movement was about the freedom to be who I wanted to be and to do what I wanted to do and to smile all the way. What I believe I got for landing in what I call this time, this ‘now age space’, is a recognition that freedom lies in simply being myself and the smile comes from finding the joy in everything that makes me me.

Yes, it is not all light and fluffy but I believe that knowing me it can be.

Dayananda is a fossiker, an un-earther of treasure, she has picked up many precious gems on her travels around Australia. Apart from rocks and precious crystals some of the gems that have enriched her life experiences are yoga, reiki, meditation, singing, writing, graphic design, intentional vibration, crystal healing tools and light re-membering.

Through these treasures she has travelled and shared the beauty of being light. All these experiences have contributed to the re-membering that light is our natural state and that when we Re-Member, this life can be much lighter. To Re-Member = to pull our selves back together

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