Ful medames meal

Ful medamas

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Going vegetarian? Less meat and dairy foods are better for personal heath and minimising climate change – lots of sense there.

The Middle Eastern cuisine provides many excellent alternatives. Made with broad beans, this recipe has become Egypt’s national dish – enjoyed by poor and rich alike on the streets or in good restaurants for breakfast lunch or dinner, and according to an Arabic saying “beans have satisfied even the pharaohs”.

Fresh broad beans are soon to be in season, only around for short time. Broad beans can be used to make great falafels as well.

The appropriate way to eat this dish is to slowly squeeze lemon juice and add olive oil while mashing the boiled eggs with the beans. The result is a rich mayonnaise texture that makes this dish so delicious.

Any randomly acquired ingredients can make this dish but it is made greener and friendlier by using back yard or organic broad beans, lemons, onions and fresh herbs, Australian olive oil, free-range local eggs, Australian garlic, along with organic pepper and cumin. When shopping try to keep in the back of your mind a preference for local foods and minimising food miles as well as processed foods miles.

800 gms of de-podded broad beans (about 1.4 kg whole beans) or 800gm canned beans (drained) or 600 gm dried beans soaked overnight

1tbs unrefined sea salt
4 hard boiled eggs
3 cloves garlic
3 lemons cut in wedges
250 ml olive oil
1 onion cut in rings
3 spring onions sliced 5mm wide
1 tsp fresh cumin (optional)

Place olive oil in pourer with garlic to marinate overnight.
Boil beans in salted water and cumin till cooked to your liking. Strain and mix in spring onions to wilt.
Place hot beans in soup bowls and dress with boiled egg halves, lemon wedges and onion rings.
Serve with garlic-infused oil and black pepper.


Mike Penning, is a hunter, gardener, gatherer, cook, in search of greener and friendlier food.

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