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Gas cloud to collide with black hole

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Here is advance news of something wonderful. Make sure you mark it on next year’s calendar.


A massive gas cloud is on a collision course with the black hole in the centre of our galaxy. We can’t see a black hole but when the gas cloud is being torn apart by the tidal forces – that already are shredding it – there will be light around the edges of it. This will appear in mid 2013. For more details google Space Clouds and go to Black Hole. We will be able to see it in our Milky Way but I’m not sure about what vector yet or how long it will last – please let me know if you find this out. I’m not sure if it will be able to be seen without using a telescope either.

Scientists say our black hole has the mass of 4 million suns – a big dude indeed – so maybe we will be able to watch it without a telescope!!

Every galaxy has a black hole but because they don’t emit light we cannot see them. It is only on rare occasions such as this that we can see where they are.


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