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Finding it hard to get stuff done? Not enough time? Too many roadblocks? If you have the inspiration, but find it hard to action and stay in your purpose, then this is for you.


I get it. No, really. I do. You have no idea how many boxes of notes, cupboards of files, how many hard drives of info, how many labels and folders in my inbox I have…

Okay. Maybe you do. Perhaps you’re just like me. Maybe I don’t have a monopoly on having twenty unfinished projects and a hundred other unstarted ideas loitering my space – and perhaps I’m not the only one who tends toward an infuriating mix of idealism, creativity, OCD, Aspergers, hoarding, perfectionism… and the debilitating inability to get.. stuff.. done…

You? I bet you have a zillion awesome projects your awakened soul and optimistic inner kid wants to get done; and if you don’t, wouldn’t it just be brilliant to be more effective, to get what needs doing done, so you can spend more of your life being awesome, doing the things you love the most?

Me, I find that even when I’m organised, or have time to work on a project waiting for me to give it love, something new crops up which upheaves and delays everything else. Like someone close in my life getting sick. Or like moving house. Or like financial realities…Bam. Back to square one, playing catch up.

Do you resonate? If you’re pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down, then this is for you.

And me. I’m still learning. A work in progress. You shouldn’t be listening to me, really… I’m no expert. But, if you’re okay indulging a seriously flawed and imperfect perfectionist, then, here goes.

A super easy guide for identifying your self-sabotage, addressing it, and getting stuff done

Clear your doubts

You are enough. If you can think of a project that you’d like to give your love and care to, you are enough.Sure, you may need collaborators. Sure, you may need time, finance, etc etc etc. The fundamental fact is: if you can envisage it – see it, feel it, taste it, know it – then you’re the one who can make it happen; maybe with help, but still, you’re the one to make it happen. Explore what happens when you give yourself permission.

Clear your beliefs

We generally inherit a world view which says that ‘to be successful in life you have to deserve it, or work hard to earn it’.

Illusions. We inherit them, absorb them, inhabit them, and perpetuate them.

Decide what you wish to perpetuate. Decide what you want to model to your kids or community. You hold the power. It is your choice.

Clear your space

I’ve just cleared my desk. Okay, the floor is full of the crap which was on the desk, but sitting here in the sunshine on my freshly cleaned desk, it feels clear and spacious. I’ll deal with the stuff on the floor later… Yesterday I cleaned the windows, so that my kids’ greasy marks don’t block the flow, the energy, the light streaming in.

When I studied TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), I learned about the energy (qi/chi/ki/prana) which flows in our body’s meridians. To enrich this knowledge, I studied the environment’s energy flow (feng shui), and contemplated the earth’s energy flow (ley lines) and the art of working with this (geomancy).

For clarity of consciousness, energy, body and mind, free your energy – declutter your body, your environment, and live in a geographically suitable spot, where you feel fantastic. That’s the truest test – how you feel where you live.

Clear your time

Seriously, let’s cut the b.s. and stop the delusion. Everyone has enough time. Few of us really have to work from dusk to dawn unless we truly choose to. In this so-called ‘first world’ society, we always have a choice. Okay, so I have worked seven days around the clock, paid mortgages and all the rest, but I didn’t have to. No one was forcing me. It was a choice. Even when I was in a bad partnership (the crowning glory of 15 years of otherwise successful hospitality ownership) I chose to maintain a $100K debt rather than go bankrupt. That was my choice.

Our society has more leisure time than any other before it. We don’t realise – because ‘everyone else is doing it’ too – that the vast majority of people live the way princes and princesses used to, only with better food and sanitation – and less assassinations.

Just consider for a moment, that whatever it is you do to unwind, relax, and reward yourself for the hard work you’ve done– whether it’s reading, social networking, watching a screen – and your time off, like holidays and weekends, is time you could be spending on doing something you really trulylove.

Sure, sure, I hear you say, but I have a deadline; I haven’t visited my parents in ages; I have to do the gardening; I haven’t seen my friends in ages, I’m paying off my credit card.

Look. It’s a forest and trees kind of thing. We often don’t have an overview, because we’re too close to the things we are invested in.

A test: talk to someone who’s had a near-death experience, or a very rare and old person. pr someone enlightened – like a child… They can tell you the truth; it is all a matter of choice.

Clear your motive

Okay, so I’ve left this till last on purpose. It potentially pulls the rug from underneath everything I have shared with you so far; renders it all irrelevant. “Say whaaa?”, you say. Yeah, sorry. You better be sure before you read on, because once you have, there’s no turning back.

If your motive to do something is driven by the desire to improve the world, save the planet, help others, live your purpose – stop. Please… stop.

When I examine all the projects I have sitting ready and waiting for me to activate or re-activate…when I am absolutely, genuinely and terribly honest, I find that really, truly, the reason I haven’t done it yet, is because, ultimately – as deserving or as awesome as the projects are – they are not what I am here for on this planet.

Otherwise I would have done them.

The fact is, the ideas that these projects are based on, are not truly mine. They’re inherited, absorbed, adopted. I’ve spent nearly all my life trying to be an awesome person, to be better, to be deserving. In 2016 this has stopped for me; ground to a halt. No matter how many ways I have tried, the old ways just aren’t working for me. Which – although inconvenient in the short term – is a relief really. Perfectionism sucks.

The world doesnt need you to make it better.

It needs you to love it. Same goes for your inner child.

So… Maybe the reason why so many of us are not getting stuff done, is because we’re motivated by reasons, logic and motives that aren’t fully our own. Perhaps, it’s worth taking a step back, or several. After all, someone here said there’s a forest to be seen…

A guide to doing what you really, truly love

Do what sets you alight

We live in a society that puts ends before means. Most of us compromise, settle, trade our passions for dollars, convenience or security. Chances are that, if you haven’t done something on your to-do list as yet, you really aren’t as into it as you first thought.

Don’t try to be better

This also means don’t do things because you think it’s a good thing to do, or because it will make others happy. Commit to being you, first and foremost, fully, truly, really, wholly. The world needs you. You are brilliant in ways you may not be aware of. Find your light and let it shine.

Question everything before you take it as truth

Tradition and dogma may have had its day. And because we normally do things motivated by what we take to be true, perhaps pause for a moment, to question and consider your real motivation. What are you really doing this for? Are you trying to please someone? If so, who is that?

Learn to love yourself before you expect to be able to love and be loved

This will protect you from doing things to make others happy. The world needs you to do what makes YOU happy. Learn to accept, like and love yourself first. Then envisage, imagine. Dream. Then ask for support. Thendo.

Know yourself

Test your mind’s limits. Test your emotional limits and test your energetic limits, with love and kindness. The more you know yourself, the more you can truly accept yourself as you are, and the world, as it is, and the less you are likely to waste your time motivated by things that exhaust you and trap you.

Love the world and ‘all that is’, no matter how ugly it may appear

When you can love and allow the world, you –

a)    Stay in your power and don’t make anything or anyone the boss of you

b)    Make your inner world your kingdom/queendom, and no longer depend on exterior circumstances as your source of happiness

c)    View the world from the perspective of your greatest and most whole self.

If you are really aware…you will realise there is nothing you can do to improve your self.
And this also goes for society.

[Alan Watts]

Once you truly and fully know who you are, do what you love. Do what feels great. Do what sets your heart alight and makes your eyes sparkle. That’s your gift, your purpose.

What if the sages are right; that universal energy supports whatever you commit to? What a relief that would be. It’s always easier to commit fully to something you enjoy.

Imagine how clear things may become when you are living ‘on purpose’; how easily things might flow as you simplify your goal and your effort; doing less, being more and yet getting all your stuff done.

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Boris von Rechenberg

Boris von Rechenberg

Boris von Rechenberg DCH RM DOT, is a transformational energy healer, meditation teacher and coach; combining transpersonal counselling, holistic psychology and quantum hypnotherapy with source energetics. Based in Melbourne, he helps others rediscover true self, ease, abundance and wellness through whole being.

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