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Ghosts and Ghoumas

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Ghosts and Ghoumas by Kye Crow
You know you’re going to be in for a wild ride full of chaos and adventure when you realise that the author of the book you’ve just sat down to read once sold her home, got rid of all her possessions and took a 2000 kilometre trip through central Australia with eight camels, her life partner and a random menagerie of 50 rescued animals.

Kye is a natural storyteller, an engaging raconteur who recounts her stories with wit, warmth and enthusiasm. And there are so many stories. The first chapter is called “Let the Current Take You”, as she casts off her misery and asks Spirit to show her the way to happiness, unaware of the adventures it would bring.

Ghosts & Ghoumas Kye Crow book coverThe book is a page-turner as we read about the events of her remarkable life: the time her house burnt down and they escaped with nothing but the clothes on their backs, the visits from “Rainbow Man”, an eight foot tall being who would come to visit Kye, and long-dead old women who offer warnings about imminent danger.

Her writing style is down to earth and colourful, and there are moments of laugh-out-loud hilarity. It’s easy to imagine yourself sharing a cup of hot chai as you swap stories in the morning sunshine.

Ghosts and Ghoumas is no ordinary journey: part memoir, parttravelogue and part spiritual quest, this magical story crosses several continents. While the author has travelled far and wide, ironically, the book ultimately ends where it all began: I am the source. I AM LOVE”. 


Review by Mel Sorini



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