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You can do good while helping yourself to smart glasses – prescription or sunnies

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We at VisionDirect believe in being a vital part of social change for the better.

For this reason, we are committed to making a social impact. We have donated over $2,600,000 worth of eyewear to visually-impaired individuals in some of the less privileged corners of the globe.

Partnering up with organisations such as Unite for Sight, Eden Projects and Orbis International has enabled us to provide some of the world’s poorest communities with access to necessary vision care and prescription eyewear, supporting our charity partners in eradicating preventable blindness in China, Africa, the United States and many more countries.

Unite for Sight is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the worldwide elimination of preventable blindness. Unite for Sight operates eye clinics globally by providing both human and financial resources.

We were the sole supplier of eyeglasses to Unite for Sight for clinics run for a number of years and every pair of glasses given to Unite for Sight made a positive impact. To find out more about Unite for Sight please visit

How the Unite for Sight team works in clinics to give away our glasses

We donated a pair of glasses for each pair purchased. Unite for Sight directly collaborate with local eye clinics, with eye care teams made up of community volunteers.

Most clinics had outreach teams that sent optometrists into remote villages. In the villages, the local ophthalmic nurses and optometrists examined, diagnosed and provided quality treatment to patients. After diagnosis, each patient was given a donated pair of personalised prescription frames. The final fitting was performed, and we were one step closer to eliminating impaired vision.

Globally, Unite for Sight has provided ophthalmic care to 1.9 million people in need! We’ve given sight-restoring surgeries to more than 87,378 people. When VisionDirect partnered with their Ghana branch we were able to help fight the problems of vision impairment further. We donated 75,000+ pairs of prescription glasses to aspiring students, working adults and elderly villagers.

How ORBIS International works to help prevent blindness

ORBIS International is a non-profit organisation for the elimination of avoidable blindness in developing nations. We were the first organisation to introduce multi-tier pricing for rural eye care services in China.

Through capacity building, ORBIS provides training, covering technical care, management, and health administration. And we finance a strategy to develop self-sufficiency in avoidable blindness prevention treatments. With offices in Bangladesh, China, Ethiopia, India, Peru, Jamaica and Vietnam, ORBIS International’s eye health professionals give training and care to those in great need.

Sharing the same vision as Orbis International, VisionDirect has donated $6,000 worth of prescription eyewear to prevent blindness in rural communities in China. In 2007, VisionDirect donated glasses to hundreds of men, women and children in China’s autonomous region of Inner Mongolia.

Flying Eye Hospital

VisionDirect also renewed this contribution in early 2009, reaching more patients each year with ORBIS International’s Flying Eye Hospital. This is possible with a DC-10 jet and state-of-the-art, mobile eye care facility.

ORBIS has saved the sight of millions, children being the most likely to have significant vision improvement after treatment.

To learn more about ORBIS International or to donate please visit:
smartbuyglasses – Vision Direct

Arise Collective eyeglasses

You can buy your glasses directly from us too:

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Just think how good you’ll feel with up-to-the-minute glasses for yourself (prescription &/or sunglasses) and knowing that your purchase gives a pair of glasses to a person in need.

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