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The goddess unveiled

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Struggling with her spiritual path and abundance issues, Raym’s client reconnects with the goddess Lakshmi who reveals her true form.


My apprentice reflectively observes our client Lakshmi as she approaches our studio. She is walking up the long path from the road having been dropped off by the infrequent public transport that services this part of the bush. She does not own a car.

Lakshmi has been a committed devotee of a popular global Eastern spiritual group for many years. Running away from an unhappy home as a teenager she found a new ‘family’ of like-minded spiritual seekers whose austere practices somehow suited her aesthetic. She moved wholeheartedly into the mode of dress and worship that is the norm in her group. Abandoning her given name she was effectively reborn as Lakshmi, a new and pain-free person focussed on devotion and her own spiritual growth.

One of her challenges is that she does not have any money or savings and, having recently been through a crisis of faith triggered by scandals within her organisation, she has come to us to discover more about the next step on her spiritual path. My apprentice is bemused. In her indigenous culture connection to the Divine comes easily and naturally through time spent in nature.

“Why do people need this structure? These organised spiritual groups? It is so limiting.”

“For many this structure has the opposite effect. It creates a context, a safe place with known outcomes, known variables – It also creates communities. People may express their devotion to a higher power together and in so doing feel a part of something bigger than themselves.”

“But if we are all one why do people need to do this?”

“You and I have experienced a profound connection to unity consciousness through our shamanic practices, but not everyone cares to tread the shamanic path as it can feel isolated and lonely. The advantage of these groups is that people get to experience a spiritual connection as a community.”

“Yes, but even for some of the most advanced theologians, this whole religious story can all just be a concept, a grand spiritual theory.”

“Yes it can. Maybe that’s why Lakshmi is here to see us. Invite her in.”

Lakshmi shares her life story. She has spent 25 years dedicated to fundraising for her organisation and she has been a devoted disciple. Through her early morning rituals and pujas and the public chanting and dancing that is the trademark of her organisation she shares that she has truly experienced a blissful and uninterrupted connection to the Divine.

Now she wants someone not even remotely connected to her group to help her look with fresh eyes at her life’s path. She has had a crisis of faith which has left her wondering just what she has been doing with the last 25 years of her life. She is contemplating leaving her group and wants to know where her energy would be best placed in future and how she might provide for herself.

As soon as Lakshmi lies in the crystal mandala she easily enters an expanded state of consciousness.

Wow this is fast! she telepaths. No chanting, I am just here…

“She is so pure”, my apprentice breathes to herself. “Beautiful, no baggage, no attachments, total clarity. Her practices have worked.”

See how far your consciousness reaches, I suggest.

Sat-cit-ananda. Infinite consciousness. I have been here before, but never so quickly or effortlessly.

In this sacred space we may find the answers you are looking for. Call on your namesake, the Goddess Lakshmi. She will come.

I am not worthy…

Of course you are. Her love for you is never ending. Invite her to join us, now.

The meeting of devotee and ancient Hindu goddess is profound and very beautiful to behold. My apprentice and I feel privileged to observe such an expansive and heartfelt connection based entirely on unconditional love.

Lakshmi moves into such a blissful state that she forgets why she came. I make some suggestions.

Ask the goddess why, even though you carry her name, you are not experiencing an abundant life.

The goddess responds. My child, abundance is at your fingertips, if you choose to have it. The only thing preventing this are your choices and your own beliefs.

And what are they? I take the liberty of asking.
That spirituality and abundance do not go together; that the devotional path requires abstinence and forbearance.

Is this the truth? I ask again on my client’s behalf as she is speechless.

Not at all, spirituality and abundance can and should go hand in hand. The universe exists to support us. The paradigm that you have accepted is outdated. Look at the lifestyles of the senior disciples in your organisation. Do they live in poverty?

“Not too attached to the organisation then…”, my apprentice thinks out loud, surprised at the goddess’s frankness.

How will I serve you? Should I stay in my organisation? My client finds her voice.

Beloved, all your choices are perfect. The question I ask you is, do you feel comfortable staying?

No in truth I do not, but what will I do? This has been my whole life…

Do you truly wish to serve me?

Always, but how can I share your wisdom with the uninitiated, with those outside of our group?

The goddess stands erect. Behold!

For a moment both myself and my apprentice are taken aback by the intensity of the latent power expressed in this one word. The goddess stands in all her magnificence, awesome and in some distant way quite terrifying.

I am the Goddess Lakshmi!

Then she steps forward and changes, stepping out of Lakshmi into something else, a goddess with horns, with the sun suspended between them.

I am the Goddess Hathor!

As if taking off a robe she steps forward again transforming into a lush green, sensual goddess with long dark hair

I am the Goddess Demeter!

Stepping forward again her robes drop to reveal a goddess of classic Greek beauty holding a wheel.

I am the Goddess Fortuna Copia!

Stepping forward once more she appears more Roman…

I am the Goddess Abundantia!
Then her changes become more rapid…

I am Pachamama!

I am Kunapipi…

I am all of these and more. All are me in various guises. You may serve me by educating people as to the truth of my infinite being. In doing so abundance will flow to you with ease and grace, as is natural.

There are a few more questions, and when we close the session it is clear that our client will cease to be Lakshmi and leave the organisation that has meant so much to her, for so long.

“I will be running goddess workshops. Where do I start?” she ponders. “I am no longer Lakshmi. What do I call myself?
“What is your given name?”

“Bridget. I have never liked it.”

“Bridget – the Celtic goddess of prosperity! I think it’s appropriate that you honour your birth name. There are no coincidences, and there is a great deal of power in a name.”

“Everything IS perfect”, my apprentice smiles to herself.

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    Powerful! Thank you for sharing this experience. I had an interesting awakening regarding my own birth name. Yes, there are no accidents.

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