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Goddess Walking

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At the heart of Goddess Walking is the power of women supporting other women. Annie shares her extraordinary life with you – both the trauma and the triumph.

Trauma and triumph

Annie is uniquely placed to support women through her work as an intuitive counsellor and author. Her personal style is warm, grounded, generous, free-spirited and strong willed all at once.

This book, based on Annie’s lived experience of trauma, is an inspiring and radiant example to others of this very transformative power. What is unique and special about this book is Annie’s preparedness to lay bare her vulnerabilities, along with her triumphs, and in doing so, she carves out a path for other women to follow and heal themselves. This is the power of sharing the lived experience.

Practical, supportive exercises

Annie’s path is woven from many healing traditions along with the emerging fields of Positive Psychology and mindfulness-based practice. The book has a narrative style, and is filled with practical exercises that support progress for the reader. The exercises are focused on meditation, gratitude, service, making wise choices and goal setting and are grounded and simple. They support healing in important ways and the reader is encouraged to engage with them fully. Annie tackles the more difficult area of sexuality after sexual abuse and does so sensitively but affirmatively. Again, her lived experience affords her an important vantage point on healing and allows her to go places that many others cannot credibly go.

She writes as she lives

Reading her book is like spending a languid afternoon with her over coffee and an array of tempting delights, all of which she has cooked in her own kitchen. Annie offers the hand of friendship to all women, and particularly to women who have faced trauma.

Goddess Walking offers you:

  • gifted life skills on how to live with deep love and compassion for yourself
  • easy steps on having faith, feeling full gratitude and owning your life through your own choices
  • exercises to help you heal old wounds and process the new wounds before they become scars
  • the opportunity to become the sensual, sexual Goddess your heart desires

Some of the words above were from the foreword in the book, which were written by Dr Melissa O’Shea.

To purchase your copy of Goddess Walking, or to contact Annie, go to http://anniewilson22.weebly.com or email anniehwilson8@gmail.com

Also buy Goddess Walking at  https://www.booktopia.com.au


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Annie Wilson

Annie Wilson

Annie Wilson is a writer, intuitive mentor and spiritual guide, who loves the ocean, her dogs, camping and her blended family of six, who mean the world to her.

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