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God’s red Cadillac

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The room was totally still – and the group, mainly women, sat silently, at peace and in total calm. The leader slowly began the meditation. We slowly moved up through our bodies, into the light, high above the earth. Peacefully we waited to connect with God, or our version, be it Creator, Source or Goddess; however you refer to That Which Is Greater Than Us. With this group of spiritually connected people I was expecting a total sense of peace and joy – a journey into a peaceful meditation space.

Not for me, however. Instead, to my amazement a vintage red Cadillac came to a halt in front of my cloud. I love the look of Cadillacs! Very 50s, American open-topped long sports cars. The design is wonderful and they give you a sense of stepping back to a time when life was simpler.

The door opened; a road appeared in front of the car, leading into the distance and we took off…(these are truly beautiful cars, perfect for a scenic drive!) A short journey took me to an outlook area, at the top of a spectacular mountain overlooking deep green valleys, rivers and in the far distance mountain ranges.

The energy in the car changed; a deep feeling of pure peace and love filled me and surrounded me. I knew I was in a different presence and God began to talk to me. He said He thought I would enjoy the car trip, and indeed I had!

In this space we spoke – very down-to-earth stuff….and as our time together ended the car slowly drove me back to my cloud. Then the voice of the leader slowly called us all back down to earth.

After that I began to meditate and talk to Creator on a daily basis on my own, always meeting “up there” in the red vintage Cadillac with cream leather seats. This is where we had all of our discussions and we “talked” on a daily basis.

Then, as I went through a period of not being sure when it was really Creator – or just my own wishes and answers, Creator offered a simple truth test: “if you can see the red Cadillac then it is Me”. It may not be conventional but it really works for me. Strange isn’t it, how Creator understands us better than we do ourselves?

This red Cadillac has proved to be one of my favourite daily haunts. I just love the idea; that within easy reach we all have access to the wonderful energy of Creator, or Source if you prefer that term, and that whenever we need input or advice, it is there, just waiting for us to ask. Life can seem so complicated down here, with so many competing priorities – or what we see as priorities. Talking to Creator shifts this focus into concentrating on the real priorities in our lives, the way we give and receive love from all of those around us.

Working with Creator in this way has given me new insights into the way I run my business. I have always run my business, using my intuition to steer me into positive situations and away from danger (and have learnt at great cost, both personally and financially, that it pays to follow this guidance!).But recent challenges have taken me much much further down this path. I have been asked to step back from my business, and focus on my internal beliefs and experiences in order to re-evaluate my business, in line with my higher purpose.


Barbara Burdon runs workshops on integrating spiritual practices within your business. She also offers private consultations, working with clients on their business.

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