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Going round!

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Subtle energies are powerfully affected by geometries. All ancient cultures understood that form affects thought and thought affects well-being.


Friedensreich Hundertwasser was an Austrian born architect, painter, and visionary, who wanted to turn the world upside down (and almost did so literally!) with his free form flowing constructions. He knew that static form follows static thought, and that to free people’s minds and awareness, he would have to show them how to build structures that breathed and vibrated with almost palpable life and energy.

Not just a person of ideas, Hundertwasser manifested his fantastic buildings, transforming sterile city blocks into ecological wonderlands, of undulating floors, roofs covered with earth and grass, trees growing from rooms, organic forms and bright colours.


Imagine you are on a journey to a future time, and place. You arrive and see rounded structures, and soothing angles, in wood, stone and crystal, looking as if the dwellings themselves were alive and part of the beauty of the natural environment, forest, streams, waterfalls.

If you travelled to a distant galaxy and looked down from above, and saw rows of brick square buildings, lit with fluorescent lights, along ruler-straight roads, where would you have arrived–a higher heavenly realm, or a prison planet?

“…the straight line is godless…It leads to the downfall of mankind…It has become an absolute tyranny…The straight line is something cowardly drawn with a rule,

without thought or feeling; it is a line which does not exist in nature… –Friedensreich Hundertwasser

Everything that is created reflects the consciousness of the creators. In the case of architecture, we are subtly and not so subtly influenced by the forms we live in, affecting our life force energy, our thought and our vitality.

Architecturally speaking, there are two things to think about–the form and what the form is made from. If the form and material are chosen correctly (bio-resonantly) to begin with, infrastructure will be created for positivity and vital well-being for generations to come.

So, what is the form, according to the holistic viewpoint, that is most conducive to happiness, physical and emotional well-being and free thought (as well as being the strongest and most resilient of structural shapes)?

The answer is…the circle!

Then there is the circle’s  antithesis–the foundation of modern architecture–the straight line and the 90°angle.

Subtle energies, which, according to esoteric thought, make up our consciousness, are powerfully affected by geometries. All ancient cultures understood that form affects thought and thought affects well-being.

The 90°angle restricts awareness. It leads to conflicts, and disharmonies. Popular culture terms, like ‘think outside the square’, ‘don’t be a square’, ‘don’t put me in a box’, show that the esoteric effects of geometries are felt by all.

I know from my own experience that reclining in a house designed by a positively inspired architect–one with natural curves and flows, incorporating the dome shape, that works with the energies of rock and stone and forest–is invigorating and restful at the same time. I immediately felt relaxed and my blood pressure decreased.

All residents found that sleep came naturally and without need for pills. Emotions became balanced. Anger, resentment and other negative emotions faded away, to be replaced by feelings of inner well-being, strength and positivity.

Isn’t it time to start from the ground up literally, and figuratively, to start again, and this time try something that will support true happiness and inward connection–going round?!


Dr. Mark Abriel graduated from Life Chiropractic College, in Marietta, Georgia, USA. He is the director of Byron Bay Holistic Chiropractic.

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