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A greater purpose

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In July last year, my life was changed forever when I witnessed a remarkable healing. I know miracles happen everyday, but I saw Thomas’ life transformed with such ease and grace that the course of my life was simultaneously redirected by it.

I was writing a book and completing it was my priority. So digressing to attend a healing seminar was not really on my agenda. Besides, being trained in healing already, I was fairly sceptical about claims of anything ‘new’ and ‘different’ but, I had to admit, my curiosity was aroused by my own healing experience.

My two healing sessions were not earth shattering, but I subsequently noticed my thinking was clearer, I was acting more assuredly and longstanding allergies and lingering rhinitis were beginning to drop away. I was not entirely ready to attribute these changes to one thing in particular, but the sudden change in me did seem quite profound. I was propelled to seek further proof and understanding of what prompted these changes.

So here I was, seated at the seminar, watching people with frozen shoulder injuries clasping their hands above their heads. This was surely impressive, but it was the instantaneous healing of damaged nerves in Thomas’ claw-like fist that really clinched it for me.

Thomas had not been able to accomplish even the simplest of tasks with his left hand since a guy bit it in a road rage incident, four years ago. He had grown accustomed to eating, shaving and writing with his right hand. Now, after a brief encounter with the claimed ‘new’ and ‘different’ healing frequencies, Thomas was opening and closing his fist perfectly. He was clearly incredulous and I heard him mutter, “What about my foot then?” This additional request appeared to be ignored and Thomas limped off the stage.

Next morning, as we gathered for day one of the seminar proper, my most pressing concern was the state of Thomas’ hand. Would he still have the use of it, after a night’s sleep? Thomas was then asked nonchalantly how his hand was doing. A fully functioning hand was thrust in the air and an excited Thomas added that he had also been able to don a shoe and walk without a limp for the first time since dropping a steel bar on his foot. I realised then that his request for his foot to be healed had been ignored the day before in order to illustrate how the healing is not directed at the symptoms and also that it continues to unfold without the ongoing presence of the practitioner.

It was an enlightening two days but I left a little disappointed at not meeting Thomas to talk further. However that soon changed. A new journey unfolded a couple of weeks later, when I was unexpectedly asked to interview him!

Thomas’ story:

Four years ago, I was attacked by a van load of guys who overtook my car and forced me to stop. As I defended myself, one of them bit my hand and it became infected.

The incident was very stressful and the infection spread, poisoning my blood. Then, possibly because of this, I had six heart attacks during one night about nine weeks later. I flat-lined and should have died, but to the surprise of the hospital staff, I recovered. Life continued until another tragedy struck. My twin brother died. We were extremely close. So it left a huge void and I began searching for answers.

A friend was lent a book on healing to read and, when she opened it, she says she clearly heard a voice that sounded like my twin brother saying, “This is not for you to read. I want you to give this book to my brother.” And so the book The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself came into my hands. I carried it around for a long time without opening it and finally, when I picked it up and started reading it, I could not put it down. It said in the book that some people may experience feeling healing frequencies simply by reading the words, and this happened to me! I started using it on my children and family. Two years later I found myself set to attend a Reconnective Healing seminar that was being brought to Auckland. It seemed ‘meant to be’.

I was so excited and eager to go, but wondered how we would afford it. My wife Chrissy was adamant, “You will be going”. She spoke to the kids and they agreed. It was a big expense for us, but the money just appeared. We were so grateful to the people who allowed us to reschedule bills, etc.

So that is how I recovered the use of my hand, but many other interesting events have happened along the way that I can’t explain. I was reminded of one when they mentioned at the seminar how time does not really exist.

I woke up from a dream one night, covered in sweat and frightened after seeing flashing lights and an intensive care scene where someone was being kept alive on life support. I saw the faces of the attendants, but not the patient.

When I awoke in hospital myself, after my heart attacks, I realised the person on life support had been me. And the faces of the nursing staff and other patients were the faces in my dream.

I tried to explain this to the hospital staff, but they called in psychiatrists. There was one incident in my dream I thought might convince them. In the dream I had seen a patient’s son enter the ward playing a guitar and singing a love song. I encouraged the staff and doctors to be in the ward at 10.30am on the morning I expected the young man with the guitar to appear. As predicted, he turned up, direct from the Cook Islands, singing and strumming his guitar. They knew I was not crazy then.

My presence at that seminar was not accidental. My life is transformed. People are phoning, out of the blue, looking for healing. This is a gift from the Universe to be shared. As the book cover says, “Heal Others, Heal Yourself”. Every time I share the healing frequency with another person, I benefit. It is making me a better person.

I now know that healing work is my destiny. I have needed to be hit over the head a few times to get the message, but have finally left my regular job of many years to devote myself to it.

A greater purpose

It seems all the events in Thomas’ life were leading him to recognise and surrender to his life purpose as a healer.

To this end, Thomas felt he was guided to give his story to a person he would soon meet, who was writing a book. Thomas thought little of it, until he overheard me telling his wife and friend about my book writing. He then stated confidently “The person I am to give my story to is you”.

If I were destined to write Thomas’ story, encouragement was clearly needed. I believed my course was set in a different direction, yet I haltingly took every step on that journey to ultimately witness Thomas’ healing and write about it. I now believe we are accessing new healing frequencies, something tangible and different from the healing energies we have been accustomed to.

I felt free choice was always mine, but I did wonder why I was changing my direction. Does this demonstrate a lack of free will? I think not. It seems, as awareness unfolds, we become increasingly drawn to follow the voice of our soul. In this way, we live in alignment with higher consciousness, creating greater flow, joy and enrichment in our lives and allowing us to be of greater service.

Gill Hughes is a Reconnective Healing practitioner and writer. She is currently writing a book on the background and lives of certain people who work with their intuition or sixth sense.

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