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Stargazer, September 2019 – happy birthday Virgo!

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On the 23rd August, the Sun left the courageous and charismatic fire sign of Leo and entered humble and service-oriented earth sign Virgo. Each sign of the zodiac develops and builds on the energy of the previous sign – Virgo directs the heart-centred creativity of Leo towards practical service in the world. A mutable and flexible energy, she applies her powers of discrimination and analysis to bring healing and perfection.

Quintessential feminine

Archetypal representations of Virgo include the Divine Feminine, the Earth Mother and the Goddess of Fertility. Isis and Mother Mary embody her loving energy and healing powers.

In ancient times Virgo was no chaste virgin, but the independent woman who served the Goddess herself. The holy woman of the temple who initiated men into the sacred, healing rites of sexuality, awakening the fires of kundalini. The connection between physical lovemaking, healing and the divine are available to anyone who taps into the energy of Virgo.

Virgo in balance

Those born under the sign of Virgo are noted for their calm demeanour, and attention to detail. Further, their healing abilities, love of nature, and mastery of art and craft. When in balance, they are one of the most practical, kind-hearted and caring zodiac signs with an intuitive understanding of the mind-body connection. Usually blessed with fine minds, they are masters of research, data and language and instinctively understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Virgo out of balance

Negatively, Virgos can suffer from hypochondria, be over-critical, especially of self, and prone to worry and anxiety. Virgo rules the abdomen, intestines, spleen and central nervous system. Therefore, when Virgos are out of balance they can suffer nervous problems, and stomach and intestinal disorders. Virgo’s greatest lesson is to learn to accept imperfection in both themselves and others.

Happy birthday to all Virgos – here’s wishing you a fantastic year ahead!

  • Planetary ruler: Mercury
  • Element: Earth
  • Gift: loving service
  • Challenge: self-acceptance
  • Colours: earth tones, green & dark brown
  • Birthstones: Sapphire for inspiration. Amethyst for calmness and healing. Carnelian for confidence.
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