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As happy as Larry was short-lived

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Elizabeth Jewell reflects on what magazines can do…

Recently I spent a morning reading mainstream women’s magazines. I had been lent them so that I could see how they handled a couple of features that I am interested to run in the revamped LivingNow. So I got back to bed and sat up with the magazines as happy as Larry to be having an excuse to veg out, seeing that I’ve been going pretty well non-stop since Christmas because of the new project – the revamp for March LivingNow.

I must have spent three hours on these magazines – they’re very addictive. Whoever writes their headlines is very clever at it, as I was easily sucked into yet another and another story, which all disappointed. The royals, Hollywood, the best part of this makeup or the worst part of that outfit palled after a very short time. I was amazed to see the cleverness of the journalists to spin 1000 words out of a 300-word story.

Human interest

The human interest stories were more my cup of tea. A few of them bringing me to tears. Mostly I was so sad to see that many people about whom they wrote were stuck in the past. Continually recreating the pain of a previous experience. There were various stories of people who had lost a spouse, parent or sibling, or a house… And they kept reliving the pain. Building some sort of shrine in their minds to the memory of the past.

Yes, it is painful, and it is hard to let go sometimes, as we all know. But the difference in LivingNow articles is that they offer aid to us in our endeavours to find a way through the pain and a way to let it go within ourselves. These other people whom I was reading about will likely never find the way out of the groove. It seems like their needle will keep going around and around. And the groove will actually deepen.

Helping people to get out of the groove

My excitement about the new-look LivingNow is that, because it will be more accessible than the previous one, it has more chance of reaching these people. Maybe we can help bump their old gramophone so that the needle jumps out of the groove.

With love

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