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Happy Mother’s Day to all nurturers

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Bronnie’s suggestions for being a nurturer or running a family – or group – include making your space your own, or your house a home; being organised; and finding things that engender joy and laughter.


Happy Mother’s Day to all… whether you have children of your own, or you are a mentor to many young people, I hope you have a fabulous day. Part of being a nurturer is about making your space your own, or your house a home.

Nesting is when we clean, organise and prepare our space for a new season. It’s the preparation for something fresh, a new beginning. We women are good at this ­– it’s a built-in gift, and this is what ‘motherhood’ is all about. It’s about preparing the home and our children for the coming season, loving them through the circumstances and training them for the next step.


Running a home well can be almost a military project – making sure the meat is out for dinner, the lunches are prepped, school notices signed, next load of washing on… and all this before we even begin to get ourselves ready for the day ahead. Ahh! motherhood – I wouldn’t have it any other way!

But really, how do we do it? I believe a great attitude is one of the main contributing factors, followed by a close second of being organised. Being organised doesn’t mean there won’t be storms; it just means you’re hopefully going to be in a better position to manage your way through them with strength.

Family fun is what memories are built on. Laughter softens the heart and breaks away the tension of the week that has been. Learning to laugh at your self is easier when it is something that has been invested in you as a child. Life can become so serious. As we get older we have more and more responsibilities and, if we have not learnt to laugh as a child, these can become burdens that are heavy to carry.

We all make mistakes and some carry higher prices than others but learning the principle of not taking yourself so seriously allows you to learn through your misjudgements and get up and get going sooner, without carrying the heavy load an ego produces. So, laugh! Find things that bring joy and laughter to you and your family.

Embrace who you have been created to be and, to every moment, give everything you have. Living a full life is an exciting way to live!

Be empowered.


Bronnie Masefau is an amazing home-maker, a working mum, the wife of a preacher, an author and designer. Her four books are: Australian Vintage Living – Putting the Heart Back Into Home; The Ideas book; Australian Vintage Living – Making Anywhere Home; Inspiring Through Creative Design. Bronnie is an enthusiastic and eternally optimistic designer, reflecting the need to embrace family life at every opportunity.

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