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Have you ever spoken to a nature spirit?

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Life seems to be moving at such a fast pace, and for many, every moment of the day is spent just rushing from one ‘must do’ to the next, and searching constantly for the joy which is just around the next corner! It is not until life gets tough, and our whole world seems to come crashing down around us, that we begin to ask the questions that will truly change our lives. Who am I? Why is this happening? Why am I here? And then the BIG one … where and how can I find the answers?

Nature spirits answer this call with simple, yet profound messages – messages that can be understood by all. They hold the keys which unlock the secrets to finding our truth. So what are nature spirits? As with each of us, everything in nature, from the smallest grain of sand to the most majestic mountain is filled with universal energy, and has a particular level of vibration. It is within the vibration of the tree, flower, feather or rock, etc., that we find its spirit; a spirit which vibrates with the ancient wisdom of peace, love, joy and prosperity.

Tapping into this ancient wisdom is not only a cost-free, uncomplicated process, but also a beautiful unfolding of the lessons that our souls are longing to hear. Nature spirits respond to those who the take the time to sit or walk in nature, ask their questions, and then watch and listen for the answers… but hearts must open to the guidance given. The tunnel may look dark and never-ending, but nature spirits are longing to take our hands and guide us into the light of our uniqueness and our magnificence.

The secret to obtaining this guidance is simply trusting in the process: asking, and then expecting that you will be given very clear advice which will give you the confidence to step into the next stage of your journey. By completely trusting, the answers will appear in the most unexpected and wonderful ways. It may be a bright green feather on our path, telling us that prosperity is surely on its way. Maybe a tired little leaf lying tattered and torn, but still with the strength to whisper the message that it is time for us to spread our wings and fly.

So often in life the journey wears us down, and we are left wondering if we will ever bring to light the divine purpose which is etched on our souls. Well, by tapping into nature spirits the search is over, as we allow the flow of their messages to lighten our hearts, nurture our souls and assist us in our journey to truth. They are waiting to help us recognise and awaken the unique jewels that lie dormant within each of us! And when that moment arrives, all of creation smiles, and sings our song.

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Geraldine Teggelove

Geraldine Teggelove is the author of international best seller "Beyond Broke". She is also a singer / songwriter.

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