• Jennylee Taylor

    Breathwork – the magic and the miracles

    Are your day-to-day happenings triggering emotions around feeling small and unworthy, guilty or ashamed? Breathwork gives you the ability to have the memories of the past without the emotional charge attached to them.   Your future is made up of incremental moments of now. That means everything you do in ...

  • Jost Sauer

    How to avoid a drug relapse

    10 key practices for those wanting to avoid a drug relapse and move on to an empowered addiction-free future.   Addiction is not a disease, it is the result of not knowing how to quit drugs. Most people want to quit long before they actually do, simply due to a ...

  • Irena Lo Bue

    Body psychotherapy, breathwork, and good connections

    In this entertaining personal story Irena explains how breathwork and body psychotherapy allowed her to experience successful relationships in her life.   ‘You are not your body’… right? I’ve heard many a guru say over the years, ‘You are not your body’, with finger pointed toward the heavens and head ...

  • Leisa Wheeler

    What is adrenal fatigue and how can it be overcome?

    We’ve all heard of adrenal fatigue, but how do you know if you have it, how can you treat it, and what does it really mean?   When philosopher Albert Camus famously said, “Nobody realises that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal”, I believe he must have ...

  • Liisa Halme

    Breathing our way to freedom

    Breathwork helps the body to naturally let go of our emotional build-up so that we can live free from the negative influences of past traumatic experiences and suppressed emotions and their long-term consequences.   Could something as simple and automatic as our breath be the key to freedom from anxiety, ...

  • Bec Farah

    16 ways to keep your skin naturally glowing this winter

    Dry skin? During the harsh winter weather, you need more than an extra layer of moisturiser. A holistic approach to looking after your skin also involves lifestyle changes and dietary inclusions as well as additional supplementation.   We usually don’t think of the skin being an organ, but it is. ...

  • Clare Pace

    Practise what you preach

    It is not, as one might expect, the practitioner’s responsibility to heal others. Rather, it is their responsibility to stay connected to Spirit and assist their clients to do the same.   On some level everyone is searching for the missing piece of the puzzle in their lives; the elusive ...

  • Peter Loupelis

    Effortless wellness and ‘The Ten Questions’

    Ever heard of ‘wellness fatigue’? It’s an exhausting condition, but an ancient Daoist text, ‘The Ten Questions’, has the remedies.   Over the last couple of years I’ve begun to notice a trend amongst many people who are conscious about their health and well-being. Whereas at one time I would ...

  • Casey Conroy

    11 ways we trick ourselves into thinking we’re not dieting

    Because dieting has such negative physical, emotional and mental consequences, all health-conscious people need to be wary of the ‘I’m not dieting… but I am’ trap. Here are 11 ways we trick ourselves into thinking we’re not dieting, when really, we are.   I’m not dieting – I’m doing this ...

  • Marie Spencer-Rowland

    What is EFT and how do you do it?

    Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is an emotional version of acupuncture, but without the needles. We stimulate meridian points on the surface of the skin by tapping on them with our finger tips. These points have a connection to the amygdala, which is the part of the brain responsible for emotions, ...

  • Marie Spencer-Rowland

    Letting go of past emotions

    Your emotional freedom, inner peace, and true happiness are only a few taps away with EFT.    It wasn’t until I hit my 30s that I realised how powerful our emotions can be, especially if we’re still holding onto the painful memories of the past. I found myself in yet ...

  • Australian Homeopathic Association

    Homeopaths call on government to reveal the truth

    Media Release from the Australian Homeopathic Association in response to recommendations to potentially ban homeopathic products from sale in pharmacies.   Natural therapists and homeopaths have called on the Federal Government to come clean about “bias” which threatens to restrict access to complementary medicines. The Australian Homeopathic Association (AHA) has ...

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