• Sharon Hopkins

    Bowen Therapy

    What is Bowen Therapy, and how effective is it?   Bowen Therapy has positive results with people of all ages and with most cases of chronic or acute pain, from ...

  • David Cowhig

    Eat well, sleep well, breathe well, and smile with confidence

    Dental health is an important component of holistic wellness, in more ways than you probably realise.   Readers of LivingNow magazine are typically concerned with what they put in their ...

  • Kimberley Lipschus

    Medical jargon that makes it worse

    Medical terminology can have an adverse impact on women especially their grieving process after a miscarriage or pregnancy termination.   I’m clutching my partner’s hand. A plastic bag, which holds ...

  • Peter Loupelis

    Getting to the heart of wellness

    There’s no coincidence that in many cultures the mind was said to reside in the heart, as opposed to the brain. Wellness can come from healing and re-connection with the ...

  • Elizabeth Jewell Stephens

    Fillings, fish and frypans

     What do fish dinners, non-stick saucepans and dental fillings have in common?   Well, you could say that you cook the fish in the pan and then, while eating it, ...

  • Casey Conroy

    Are you dieting your sex drive away?

    To have a healthy relationship to food and sex, we need to embrace pleasure and satisfaction in both things.   I have a question for you. Which one factor is absolutely ...

  • Robyn Fernance

    Creating cellular change with breathwork

    Breathwork is one of the fastest, safest methods of healing for this millennium.   Why does breathwork work so well? In our body, at the cellular level, we have anchored ...

  • LivingNow

    Menergy 2017 competition winning words

    Here are the entries from the winners and runners-up for the LivingNow competition to win tickets to Menergy 2017. There are still places available at this great weekend; see more info ...

  • Liisa Halme

    How do we release prolonged stress?

    All humans and animals experience mental, physical or emotional stress from time to time. Natural levels of stress actually enhance our mental and physical performance. Prolonged, chronic stress, however, is ...

  • Peter Loupelis

    Mature ejaculation: an ancient Daoist approach

    Afflicted with premature ejaculation I turned to ancient Daoist texts and started experimenting with the techniques described.   For several years I found myself afflicted by premature ejaculation. I was ...

  • Nicholas de Castella

    A quiet revolution

    Your next breath could change the course of human history.   We are living in extraordinary times and you are here on Earth to play an important role in the ...

  • Bec Farah

    Natural antibiotics: options, uses, and surprising sources

    Introduced in the 1940s, antibiotics have been embedded as medicine for the treatment of bacterial infections. Although antibiotics have their place in medicine, are antibiotics really worth the underlying risk? ...

  • Elizabeth Thuan

    Reiki: the art of the journey

    Reiki is a potent source of physical and emotional healing and spiritual connection, and a driver of profound personal change.   Reiki is channelled life force – that unstoppable force ...

  • Nathalie Brewer

    The healing power of cancer

    For many people, a cancer diagnosis might feel like a death sentence. For me, it was the best and most powerful piece of personal feedback I have ever received.   ...

  • Gemma Di Bari

    Men, are you okay? Raising awareness around men’s mental health

    While there is more awareness being raised about men’s mental health, there are still many opportunities for improvement and greater efforts in schools and work places.   A new way ...

  • LivingNow

    Charity educating women under 40 to be breast aware

    On Friday the 22nd of September, So Brave will officially launch as Australia’s young women’s breast cancer charity. The charity specialises in educating young women to be breast aware. So ...

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