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  • Suvi Mahonen

    Smoking out big tobacco

    My nose curled at the acrid smell of tobacco. Mixed with the fumes from the passing traffic on the Gold Coast Highway, it made me want to cough. I turned, ...

  • Larry Oakley

    Feed the beast at fitness class

    Peace of mind is the single most important benefit of going to fitness class on a regular basis, which means it’s particularly beneficial to people with addictive personalities.   Addictions ...

  • Lauren Wilson

    Body talk

    Are you expressing or suppressing your feminine and masculine qualities? Discover the answer using the most tangible reference point you have – your own body.   Ever wondered why the ...

  • Ruth Balsiger

    From punishment to love, joy and self-nurture

    Four simple strategies on how to transform your relationship with food, exercise, and your gorgeous self from punishment to joyful self-love and nurturing acceptance.   Have you ever been in ...

  • Charlotte Young

    Mapping our way as women

    Monthly cycles can be mapped out in a seasonally inspired way. Interestingly, perimenopausal women share some common challenges with pubescent girls.   When I first learnt about the map of ...

  • Leela Klein

    Let’s talk about period pain

    Around 95% of women experience period pain at some stage in their life, though the subject is rarely spoken about. Leela offers some direct discussion and helpful advice on how ...

  • Suvi Mahonen

    Beyond size

    I had tried for years to let go of the body image issues that so many of us struggle with. In the end, however, the most important lesson came from ...

  • Anouska Jones

    Happiness in a teapot

    C.S. Lewis said, “You can’t get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” If you are also a tea and book lover, then ...

  • Nicole Andersen

    Aromatherapy hacks to beat cold and flu season

    Nicole shares three of her favourite essential oil recipes to help alleviate and ward off winter maladies.   Since I was a child, I have always struggled with a having ...

  • Mark Macdonald

    Diet, nutrition and recipes

    Stop counting calories! Eat every three hours with a nutritional balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates to restore your blood sugar levels and better manage your weight.   Australia’s weight ...

  • Emiline Duncan

    Mind-body counselling: helping people find their happy

    We have all heard the saying that happiness is an inside job but what does that exactly mean and where do we even start?   People seek the assistance of ...

  • Dean Fraser

    Enjoying a long and healthy life

    This is your life – here’s a list of simple tips on how to treat your body right and ensure you live to the fullest. Mindful consumption and digestion Our ...

  • Sharon Higson


    Are you kind and gentle with yourself?  Not many of us are. We can be wonderfully kind to others; opening doors, offering assistance, running errands, volunteering. But when it comes ...

  • Michael Nixon-Livy

    Resolving back and neck pain

    Long-term or permanent relief from back and neck pain is possible – by treating the system, not the symptom   Have you ever wondered how many people suffer from back ...

  • David McManus

    A scientist’s journey into reiki

    A research scientist’s personal experience of receiving a reiki attunement, and his subsequent efforts to understand the clinical evidence for the efficacy of reiki. What is reiki? Reiki is a ...

  • Kym Ollerton

    Sugar alternatives

    Kym shares a few common sugar alternatives, and infuses them with herbal favourites from the top drawer of her treat resource box.   I have had my share of sugar ...

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