• Jost Sauer

    Flow state & the wellness industry

    There is a major opportunity for the wellness industry to become part of the flow state movement, as it already holds the keys on how to attain those states.   An opportunity for the wellness industry The age of enhancement is here, and with it the hunt to crack the ...

  • Casey Conroy

    Good bacteria are crucial for your gut health

    Research is showing that probiotics, or ‘good bacteria’ are no longer restricted to the diets of sauerkraut-munching hippies and home brewers; they are absolutely crucial for our gut health!   Bacteria outnumber human cells ten-to-one in our bodies, meaning we are made of far more bacterial cells than we are ...

  • Jeanette Gray

    Post natal depression

    Luckily, our society is becoming more open and understanding about post-natal depression. Treatment is readily available, but awareness is key to accessing it.   Mental illness has been something of a taboo topic for centuries, dating way back when sufferers from any kind of mental instability or depression were labelled ...

  • Liisa Halme

    The placebo effect – is it ‘only’ in the mind?

    Often the placebo effect is brushed off as being ‘only in the mind’. But hang on a minute – doesn’t it actually prove how incredibly powerful the mind is, and that whatever we believe in shapes our reality? You’ve heard of the placebo effect, right? A placebo (Latin for ‘I ...

  • Casey Conroy

    Om, should I eat this?

    There is a growing – and alarming – trend of yoga teachers giving potentially harmful dietary advice to their students.   Editor’s note: while many readers will not be yoga teachers, of course, we feel this is useful information for many of us to consider from our own perspective. We ...

  • Casey Conroy

    Wild skin-beautifying smoothie

    This smoothie is perfect for when our immune systems, detoxification pathways, and skin need extra support.   Schisandra berry Schisandra berry is an adaptogen: it increases our resilience to physical and emotional stress. It’s also an incredible liver tonic and antioxidant. Healthy liver function is vital for great skin, because if ...

  • Living Now

    Vitamin K2 is a powerful anti-ageing weapon

    Healthy ageing is not a concern strictly for our senior years. Ensuring we can enjoy an independent, good-quality life means laying a strong, healthy foundation, and this must start as early as possible.   Two of the major health issues that impact ageing are cardiovascular events and weakened bone health. ...

  • Living Now

    Kinesiology feature, March 2017

    Byron Kinesiology Centre Professional Training 2017 The International Institute of Kinesiology Australia Get more sleep! Byron Kinesiology Centre Professional Training 2017 Become an excellent practitioner in the fast-growing field of kinesiology with Kinesiology Schools Australia, the leaders in comprehensive kinesiology education. The Byron Campus offers a nationally accredited Diploma in ...

  • Amy Kinkel

    Overcoming self-sabotage with kinesiology

    Personal growth continues throughout our lives when we are open to clearing self-limiting sabotages. Kinesiology can help.   The virus of self-sabotage It is those quiet times when we stop and reflect on what we’d like to achieve in life that we may recognise we are sabotaging ourselves. Kinesiology can ...

  • Casey Conroy

    Dark side of the spoon

    What to do when seemingly sensible diets (like raw, vegan, or paleo) don’t work Paleo. Raw. Vegan. 80/10/10. 5/2. Sugar-free. Dairy-free. Low fat. Low carbohydrate. Low calorie. Not working? Whatever the diet, research shows that 95% of people who go on a diet for weight loss reasons will regain any ...

  • Bec Farah

    Risky herb & drug combinations

    With at least two out of three Australians using alternative medicine, global criticism regarding the safety of nutritional and herbal medicine is gaining attention.   You may have heard on the radio that vitamin E is a cardio-protective, or seen a television ad highlighting the immune boosting properties of echinacea ...

  • Phillipa Huynh

    How kinesiology helps you sleep

    Many people struggle with sleep every day. Research is demonstrating how kinesiology can improve sleep by discovering the source of the issues. That elusive good night’s rest My talent is that I’m a great sleeper. I rarely wake at night and can easily fall asleep for hours on a plane. ...

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