How can we eat healthily in 2019

Are there more ways that we can eat healthily?

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It would seem on first glance that healthy eating is a no-brainer. After all, there are countless TV and internet influencers showing us all how to live and eat in style at exotic locations around the world. Taking off weight is as easy as removing a sheer nylon shoulder cover, and looking great is a piece of cake for the self-disciplined. Unfortunately, despite all the foodie bombardment we are forced to endure, people’s diets are worse than ever, so how can we eat healthy in 2019?

Cooking shows are great for showing us healthy recipes and harmonious food groups, but reality includes the senses of touch, smell, sound, sight and taste. Busy lives have resulted in a disconnect between families and their kitchen, with healthy eating suffering as a result. Modern homes are like train stations at times, with everyone having their own timetable for work, school, sports and other activities, but eating healthy in 2019 is still possible.

The rise of the smart appliances

Home design and décor has continued to evolve along with changing household demographics. It’s a fact of life that mum isn’t always home to prepare meals. Dad doesn’t necessarily work Mon-Fri 9 to 5 anymore. The stress really can show when everyone is juggling too much. While some struggle to adapt, appliance manufacturers such as ASKO remain one step ahead, applying Scandinavian-style innovations that focus on both form and function.

Smart appliances are designed to adapt to your household dynamics and encourage exploration of healthy culinary options. User-friendly settings and pre-programmed cook programs transform novice chefs into master chefs. And here are a few secrets for learning how to eat healthy in 2019.

Pure Steam Cooking with steam: Steam ovens provide the best of all worlds. Traditional convection oven cooking is paired with steam oven capabilities for creating perfectly crusted breads and superior pastries. Your culinary horizons are wide with a steam oven that allows you to produce delicacies formerly only achievable by professional chefs. Finally, you can appreciate crisp and flavoursome steamed veggies that are more than just a side dish.

Induction cooktops

Induction cooktops are proving real competition for gas and electric cooktops. Magnetic induction cooking saves time, energy and money. With induction cooking, the pot or other cooking vessel becomes the element and heat source for even, fast cooking.

Fusion Volcano wok burner

An ASKO Pro Series appliance too good to pass up, the Fusion Volcano wok burner can be mounted alongside an induction cooktop. Alternatively, it can be placed on its own designated countertop. You will get the intense, targeted heat required for genuine Asian-inspired cooking. People more familiar with outdoor BBQ-style cooking will also want to show their indoor open-flame style.

Pyrolytic ovens

Let’s face it, a lot of cooking reluctance is due to an aversion to the unhealthy, dirty oven. Pyrolysis means ‘decomposition caused by high temperature’, and ASKO Pyrolytic Ovens are highly effective, making them the practical solution for busy kitchens. Pyrolytic oven cleaning advantages include no need for harsh chemicals or cleaning agents. No scrubbing the oven while on hands and knees. No cross-contamination of food residues. Additional insulation used in pyrolytic ovens means your kitchen can remain cooler even during the harsh Australian summer.

Vacuum drawer

A compatible and attractive addition to ASKO 45-60cm combi steam ovens, a vacuum drawer introduces users to advanced sous vide cooking and incredibly convenient options for packing, portioning and serving foods at the perfect temperature. Vacuum drawers can be used with any oven.

When traditional cooking methods are performed using state of the art technology, money and time is saved. So a return to the dinner table at meal times is a very real possibility. We can eat healthy in 2019. But first we have to accept that it is 2019, and the future is now.asko logo

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