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Healthy habits

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“My three favourite healthy habits”

Sometimes it’s tricky to know what is the best regime to follow to maintain good health. So we thought you might like to see what some of Australia’s health professionals do in their own lives.

LivingNow spoke to Jenni Evans, Ed Scott, Warren Morey, and Donna McLaurin-Smith. We asked them to share their three top pointers.

Jenni Evans has been the Program Director of the Feldenkrais Institute of Australia for around 10 years. Her passion is making the Feldenkrais Method® more accessible

1.  Stop and check in with yourself.


  • Where am I working too hard?
  • Which parts of my system (mental, physical, emotional, relational and environmental) are not contributing their fair share?
  • How could I spread the load more evenly?

2.  Look for the path of least resistance.

3.  When your breathing is easy, take the next step.

Jenni says, “I grew up wondering if I was lazy or smart by taking the time to figure out easier ways to do things. Over the years I have come to realise – through my studies in NLP and the Feldenkrais Method, and my own experience, and watching my small grandchildren learn – that finding the path of least resistance makes perfect sense.”

She went on to tell us that it is about reducing effort, which increases our sensitivity to incoming information, which in turn allows us to make better choices. In addition she says that it is more sustainable physically and emotionally. Plus, all importantly, it feels better and leaves space for having fun along the way.

Jenni loves growing her own food in the hills east of Melbourne and is planning to set a new longevity record in her family, which already stands well into the 90s.

Going by her veggie garden, the wildlife that wanders in and out of her garden, and her three recommendations, we reckon she will manage to break that longevity record with ease.

Ed Scott, Business Manager and Brand Developer at Healthy Essentials, was born in the UK, the eldest of five boys, and moved to Australia in 1996 with his family

After secondary school he said that he bounced between universities and courses not really sure what he wanted to do, finally settling on naturopathy. It was during this time that he also first got introduced to the business side of the health industry.

After graduating he was given the opportunity to develop a brand for the health food market, and then four years ago he launched Healthy Essentials.

Proudly he told us, “We have a beautiful baby girl called Lacey who has been our little angel from Day One. If it was not for her coming into this world, the doctors would never have discovered my wife’s brain tumour. Two weeks after Lacey’s birth, my wife went into surgery and thankfully we later got the ‘all clear’.

This experience has been the motivation for a few changes in Ed’s life and leads right into his three health tips:

1.  Stop and smell the roses

Tomorrow is never promised to anyone; so make time to enjoy and appreciate all you have in your life.

2.  Drink plenty of water

It’s something we all know to be important, but I would regularly forget. My often caffeine-driven busy life, on and off planes, meant that I was regularly dehydrated. I invested in a good quality water bottle, and regular rehydration leaves me feeling more energised and focused through my day.

3.  Find an active hobby

There is no better way to free two birds in one day. For me this is currently kitesurfing, which is both my meditation and physical exercise.

Warren Morey is General Manager of The Pharmaceutical Plant Company, better known as PPC Herbs

“I started my career in Horticulture, doing my degree at Melbourne University’s Burnley Gardens in Melbourne. Eventually horticulture lead me to herbal medicine and nutrition. I completed my herbal training at what is now known as Endeavour College.

“I’m a single parent to my two teenage children, Aaron and Jasmine, and have a partner Rachael and stepson Finley, who is 7. Being outdoors is a favourite for me. I spend as much time as possible at our bush property on the Mitchell River in East Gippsland. It’s a great place to recharge and spend time with my brothers and our families. I have two dogs Teddy and Thomas who love a walk and are a huge part of our family.”

1.  Seasonal eating

Try to eat what is in season. I love cherry and berry season in Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges. Now we have apples and chestnuts about to come in.

2.  Incidental exercise

I don’t like exercise at a gym. So I try to make sure I get exercise throughout the day–it might be taking the stairs two at a time, or parking a little further from the shopping centre, but my favourites are walking the dogs and ballroom dancing.

3.  make time for family, friends and yourself

Working in a smaller business these days can be 24 hours a day with email, messages and social media. You need to be able to break away. I rarely work from home. I attempt to separate the two. When extra work is required I prefer to go to the office, get it out the way and then go home to focus on the family.

Donna McLaurin-Smith is a mother of three and one of the faces behind MicrOrganics Green Nutritionals

“These days I am bursting with health and energy, but that was not always the case. At 21I was a front seat passenger badly injured in a head-on car accident. My face was smashed into the broken windscreen and, although lucky to have survived, I suffered deep lacerations to my face, and broke most of my front teeth, which resulted in years of painful surgery, dental work, plus ongoing back and knee pain that adversely impacted on my overall health and well-being.”

Fortunately, she met Mark, her husband and business partner, shortly after the accident. He was working in the wellness area and was a huge inspiration to help her recover.

“Our daily diet is loaded with antioxidant-rich superfoods, and we raised our three kids on green smoothies. They are now in their mid 20s and all great testaments to healthy living, and I’m sure greens contributed to how well I have healed.”

1. Stay hydrated

Start each day with a large glass of filtered water, add a slice of lemon or lime and fill a large glass or metal bottle with fresh water to take with you.

2.  Move your body

Set aside time each day to walk, stretch, swim or do whatever you enjoy the most. Moving your body will increase your energy, bring blood and oxygen to your brain, improve your mood, as well as increasing your fitness levels and overall well-being.

3.  Add more green foods to your daily routine

Green foods are the most nutrient-dense and cleansing foods you can give your body. Add as many of these to your day as possible – green tea, green vegetables, salad greens, herbs and of course green superfoods such as spirulina, chlorella, barley grass, and wheat grass.

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