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In the heart and soul of your beloved

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Are you ready to begin a journey of sacred love and relationship with your beloved?


In life we have all trekked the exhilarating mountain in the sometimes-frightening journey of relationships. We can’t avoid it. Humans connect with each other in the world through relationships. Life is made up of millions of people relating in similar, yet very different ways. We grow in experience through interactions and reflections with each other. It is the venue for expressing ourselves in unending, myriad ways. It is in relationship that we have the most upsets, suffering, disappointments, anguish and heartache. Of course we also experience wonderful, enlivening, loving moments, and then out of nowhere, here comes pain surfacing once again.

Most relationships are directed by constructs from family, and culture, by influential beliefs and by decisions from life. Elements of these constructs can be pictures, expectations, issues of control and protection, poor communication skills, and not being aware of the true yearning of the soul. So, regardless of the thousands of books on relationships and all the advice, pointers, and relationship tools we are given by writers, counsellors, relatives and friends, there seems to always be something – a crisis, a breakdown, a problem – that comes up in relationship that we either have to confront, process, suppress, or try to make the best of. We are all moving along in exactly the perfect place in the wide evolutionary spectrum of relating. Yet in this spectrum, an extraordinary evolved state has emerged.

I want to introduce you to a beautiful form of connecting with another that is not so common in this world. It is available for those who are ready to embark on a spiritually conscious relationship, an alliance that is congruent, in harmony with our true self and all creation, the union we were meant to live. It involves embracing and bringing forth into life the existential state of our self, in turn, recognising and relating with another person in this way.

If we focus inside our selves to the very depth of our being, inside where soul resides, we will discover an immense yearning, a vacuum of longing. This yearning is an ache so visceral, so loud that it painfully reminds us that we as human beings are vitally missing something. That yearning is a cry for help to have us notice that we have not yet tapped the source of true sacred and fulfilling holy love in relationships and brought it openly to life. Yet, even those who have tapped into the awareness of this yearning and have set a course, looking for answers and solutions, may after a time, give up, concluding it to be a hopeless quest. I have witnessed people’s deep pain and suffering from the years of not having filled this yearning in their lives, and not knowing what to do.

Presently there is love, much love in relationships, but is there really a connection that gently, lovingly, heals, soothes, and fills our precious soul’s yearnings, one that brings to light a union of love beyond our conception? What is missing that prevents this state of relating? Most of us are blindly trying, making the same mistakes over again until we eventually conclude we must make the best of it and be satisfied with whatever love we do experience.

Up to this point in life, there has been no awareness, instruction, or model to follow on how to fulfill our soul’s desperate desire. Once we give up and stop the search, we hopelessly succumb to what life offers. In a state of despondence the soul contracts within itself, hopeless of ever being recognised, of ever having the freedom to express the immense love it possesses. When this happens, a part of our spirit, our innocent spark and light of life, shuts down or dims.

Why is it that we are not all searching to find the direction needed to fulfill the most divine in our heart and soul? Maybe the potential was there with the relationship we began with, but in time something went askew. Maybe we reached for help in collecting tools and skills of communicating and relating. The relationship becomes now more workable, but can it reach that state of loving and intimate union of heart and soul that quenches the yearning?

You can reclaim your hope once again, bring back the radiance in your eyes, the laughter in your voice, with spontaneous enthusiasm, openly sharing yourself and the endless love inside you. Open your heart; bring back the majesty of the soul to your life.

There is an answer. Wherever you are in this world, wake up to a life of true love and a life of freedom to be as you were created to be. Come back to a life you were born to have. At last, bare your innocence, uncover the beauty, and release the spirit.

The answer and directions are found inside your heart. They are waiting to unite the soul with the wisdom of the heart, to reveal the beautiful relationship within your self that is the necessary foundation – the source – for whole relationships. Once the soul and the heart are united, there is no stopping the fulfilment. Once established in partnership, a union beyond your dreams has a framework to bring forth magnificence that only God can create.

This perfection of relationship is available for you the moment you choose to have nothing less than the highest, in holy resonance with the expression of both your heart and your resplendent soul … nothing less. In this state, the soul in freedom shares its endless love with another in open recognition of each other’s divine essence. Brilliant love beyond any love known, generated from eternity, is expressed. In this state, soul fulfils its dream of going through the wonders of life with another in recognition of their common source of existence. The resulting love and relationship is deep, beautiful, holy, honest and pure. There is no doubt it is real, authentically real.

Are you ready to begin this journey of sacred love and relationship?

Here are some simple but powerful insights and qualities of relating that if utilised and followed, can move you deeply into your sacred journey. In committing to expressing the highest creation of love with your beloved, remember that the ‘beloved’ is not only the ‘beloved’ in life, but also the inner ‘beloved’ inside your heart

1. In the realm of sacred love there are no secrets

If you feel a bit separate from yourself or from your beloved, communicate with love what is in your heart. Speak only words from the heart. Do not embellish. Speak solely from the heart. This will begin to bridge the gap and bring you together in sacred union once again.

2. Discover, enjoy and delight in the spirit of the person you are with

There is something so special in each of us, expressing the touch of the divine. See it in your beloved and within yourself, enjoy it with all of your heart.

3. Understand there is uniqueness in every soul’s expression and journey

Enjoy and respect the very special uniqueness of your beloved and yourself. Allow both of you the freedom of soul’s unique journey and special expressions. Allowing all souls their own expression and experiences in their journey assists your own spiritual development.

4. Open your heart to receive the gifts of love sent your way by your beloved

Begin to see the hundreds of gifts of love given to you, sent in obvious and less apparent ways. Open to the love in a gesture, a touch, a look, in the never-ending things done or spoken. Receive with love the gifts of love. The love will then be returned to your beloved a hundred-fold.

5. Understand the rhythm of our soul

As we note the rhythm of life and nature, in the planets, the stars, the weather, seasons, the stages of life from birth to death, and in the expression of our bodies, so we find a unique rhythm in our own and others’ soul. As you begin to recognise and honour your own unique rhythm and needs that go with it, and also of your precious beloved’s, you will understand the cost of not being aware of soul’s rhythm by the many past experiences of misunderstandings, disharmony, confusion, and upsets.

6. Do not hold back or add to yourself in sacred relationship

Just be who you are. Allow the deep love in relationship to bring out the true you. As you love your beloved unconditionally, the true soul begins to emerge knowing it is safe to be its true self. It is vital to eliminate expectations, pictures, and judgments in the relationship. They limit, block, and imprison the soul’s true essence and its full expression. They contribute to inauthenticity and separation in a relationship, closing down the fire and spirit of the soul.

7. Be in awe of the essence and beauty of God’s creation in your beloved

Adore, honour and hold each other sacred. The pure essence of your beloved is a gift to you to share divine love, play, and enjoyment together in the unending beauty of this created world.

8. Have everything you do or say with your beloved and in life be an expression of the overflowing love in your heart

Allow the immense love to flow outwardly, embracing and filling your beloved, for love is the ultimate communication of the soul.

9. Gaze into the eyes of your beloved frequently

As the saying goes, ‘the eyes are the windows of the soul’. Connect and merge with the soul of your beloved as frequently as possible. Do not let a day go by without connecting. You will discover depth of love, richness, and intimacy beyond your dreams. It is the time two souls connect in the purest essence of eternal love.

10. Remember the preciousness and sweetness of shared laughter, lightness and play

Don’t take life and all its complexity too seriously. As one partner contributes depth of soul, passion and a sacred love, so the other can shed the light that makes brilliant the beauty of life and lifts all your experiences to pure delight into the highest ecstasy as beloved souls immersed in your love.

These are a just few qualities to bring to your relationship to assist in the initial transition. Begin with any one of these qualities of being. Once integrated, embrace the next one into your life. Remember, focus on your vision, remain in a state of spiritual innocence, follow the urgings of your heart and allow soul the freedom to live and express. Most importantly, allow love to be the foundation and leading force in your relationships and in all of life. This could be the beginning of an incredible conscious journey of sacred relationship in the heart and soul of your beloved.

With love from my heart to yours.


Diana Vela, founder and director of Programs of the Heart, Inc. in America, has, in the last 20 years, taught thousands of people to live a magnificent life from the Heart.

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