Heaven on Earth

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Heaven on Earth by Tania de Jong is a like the ‘greatest hits’ of the heavenly songbook. This extraordinary recording is a revelation, as skilled soprano de Jong performs original songs, cover versions and impresses with her own reinventions of some of the greatest music and songs of all time.

With stunning original adaptations of Beethoven, Pavanne, Mozart and Dvorak, de Jong combines her own original lyrics with the beautiful scores of renowned classical music composers. And amongst the all-time legends of Western music there are some unexpected moments from the East too: a stunning rendition of Peace Om Shanti makes a surprise cameo towards the end.

‘Somewhere’ from West Side Story is a swoon-worthy standout, as are covers of ‘Summertime’ from Porgy and Bess and the iconic ‘La Vie En Rose’ by Edith Piaf. The crystal purity of Tania de Jong’s voice is a marvellous delight, and she breathes new life into old standards.

Heaven on Earth is a remarkable fusion of classical, contemporary, spiritual and world genres: it’s the perfect soundtrack to a long hot bath or a cosy night wrapped up in front of the fire with a fine glass of wine.

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