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From the editor, Aug 2016

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It is with great pleasure and pride that I offer this August edition of our wonderful magazine. As you may well know, LivingNow has been going for more than 27 years; and thank you to everyone who has congratulated us for such a wonderful achievement.

I’d like to thank Elizabeth for doing such an incredible job. At a rough calculation she has worked 100,000 hours to get these wonderful magazines to you over the decades – amazing! She has been visionary in creating this great platform for growth, education and inspiration.

Now it is my honour to carry on the tradition. I’m excited to tell you that not only will I be continuing along the nurturing, informative path that Elizabeth has forged, but will also be extending and evolving it – a process which will take several forms, including a fantastic new website coming soon, and also a lot more community-connecting activities. I want to hear from YOU about what you’re interested in; you can email me at, and I’ll be paying attention to the themes of the requests and insights that you have, and making sure that your interests are heard, so that this great community can flourish in our connectedness.

I have been involved with LivingNow since its inception all those years ago, and then became the new owner over a year ago. It seemed a fitting time for Elizabeth, who has been Editor in Chief since the beginning, to hand that role over to me now (you can read more about that in her ‘farewell editorial’ from last month), and she is now Deputy Editor. As of this month, in another poetic flow, both she and her ex-husband Terry (who used to be an editor for this magazine) are taking part in editing the stories; I love the way things can come full cycle! Ah yes, and to make sure that the cat is totally out of the bag, they’re my parents – so now I employ both of them! What a funny turn of events. I guess it shows that it runs in the family to want to bring awareness and education to people, believing that a community with choices is a stronger, healthier and more sustainable one.

While we’re on those topics (health and sustainability), this photo is a happy snap of me (no hair product or makeup, even) in my garden. My caring and clever partner David and I have only a small, inner-suburban garden, but still make sure that we’ve got at least a few home-grown veggies to enjoy. I’m a great believer in thinking globally and acting locally – although, of course, I’m keen on acting globally, too – aided by the worldwide reach and readership this great magazine has!

Throughout these pages (and within all our magazines and across our website) you’ll find all types of services, products and perspectives offered. While I have my own personal views and values, something which is REALLY important to me is that you get to make your choices for what is good and appropriate for you – we’re here to help you have more options about what’s possible for you. So I hope that one / some / all of the stories in here help you to prosper and lead a healthier, more joyful and connected life.

In service and gratitude


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