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From the editor – November 2016

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Maybe it’s a factor of my getting older(?), but I’m noticing how increasingly important it is for me to be doing things that I love. And not just a “I love your shoes” kinda love; I’m meaning more like the reason for being alive type of love. In one of the great articles in this edition, Dr Darren Weissman writes something I think is fantastic; “Love is a personal choice with collective consequences.“ – that’s the depth of love I’m talking about! Doing things I love such as connecting with good people, being creative, eating delicious, healthy food, learning (including doing courses or workshops), dancing, laughing, living life to its fullest – having lived experiences of quality connections – are all so important to me.

I was speaking with someone earlier this year about business developments & directions – he was saying how important online programs were; &, while I agree in many ways, I also noted that I don’t think that there are all that many people thinking “I wish I could spend more time online!”!!!! I personally feel that there are more of us wishing we could have real, deeply moving HUMAN connection! Sure, our technologies can make finding people we want to relate with much easier – & it’s wonderfully convenient (& quite incredible, really) to have SO much available at our fingertips…. Yet still, I think that more human connection is a far greater yearning than more screen time for most of us! For me it’s about striking a balance – about learning how to make better use of both types of connection; online & in person. How do you balance it?

Love lots

I love lots of things, & one is: photos. I love taking photos; love how great moments can sometimes be captured & then shared. Also (occasionally) I like fun photos of myself! While many editors seem to have their ‘official publicity shot’ that they use everywhere, each time they write, I’m thinking I’ll use different photos of me, to suit whatever I’m writing about – whether they be ‘official’ photos or, more likely, some happy-snap from a party or with friends somewhere! Are you okay with seeing some quirky, less polished pics in the name of art & expression? ? I think it’s so important to put more of our vulnerable, real, raw selves out into the world! ❤️

Emma at Dancing Ground festival Feb 2015, photo by Leela Sky Photography

Photo by Leela Sky Photography

This picture of me was taken by Leela (of Leela Sky Photography) when were were doing things we love; being at a dance festival! I chose it for this month’s editorial for a couple of reasons: it was from a great experience of human connection (there were about 300 people who had come together to dance & to learn & to share experiences) & also because being the somewhat eccentric person I am I have my ‘pet’ fish in my hand! & I thought that they were a good visual segue into another activity which I’ve been enjoying as a way to keep my balance in these super-busy times: I relax with the goldfish in the pond at my home. You know the old “stop & smell the roses” idea? Well it’s a bit like that – although far more visual than olfactory!


There are plenty of juicy stories in this edition that you could use to give yourself inspiration. And the advertisers in LivingNow have plenty of quality information for you. Take a look, for example, at the fantastic courses in our Courses & Workshops feature offering options for you to develop, or the great ads that show you products & services which you could use in your life… For example, there is an ad in this month which could be perfect for you if you’re trying to make transformations in your business. There’s even an offer you a full money back guarantee if you don’t generate 10x the value of your investment in their course! It’s pretty wonderful to have such quality offerings throughout the magazine, isn’t it?

I find it so good to have all these great opportunities to learn & develop myself! Because, for me, it’s not just doing things that I love which is important to me, but also in BEING someone I love!!! ? I’m so delighted to be putting time & attention into learning how to be a better person – in my professional & my personal life. I wish success to you for your endeavours at transformation too ❤️

In service & gratitude,

Emma ?

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