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The hidden cause of her chronic fatigue

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Raym’s client discovers that her chronic fatigue was not triggered by work; it started much earlier than that.


“So…chronic fatigue can relate to people not following their life’s calling, correct?” My apprentice is reviewing her notes prior to the next session.

“Often people stray so far from their life path that their higher selves step in to attract attention to the situation –but not always. The challenge is that our culture does not understand how these things work and people do not look for answers in the right places. We will see when Barbara arrives.”

Barbara has tried to treat her ailments with little success, they re-present repeatedly, in slightly different forms time and time again. Off the record one of her therapists told me that she suspected Barbara was “…just plain miserable”and no amount of conventional or alternative healing could remedy the situation

When Barbara arrives we can see it has taken a great deal of willpower to make the journey to us. It brings out a nurturing side in my apprentice, usually well hidden by her bright and breezy persona. She helps Barbara into our studio and we lay her in the crystal mandala immediately. She has already briefed me on the phone and I prefer to tackle challenges in a shamanic journey rather than through talking. So after a brief introduction we enter an expanded state of consciousness together.

Scanning her body she repeats after me, “Body I command you to show me the moment this started.”

I sense my apprentice’s surprise when we are shown neither life choices nor work environment but her early childhood.

Thats me as a little girl! Barbara telepaths as we observe a child playing with her dolls while her mother lies in bed, ill. Whatever doll she plays with there is always another with her. Her dolls play in pairs.

Look I am praying! Barbara is caught up in the veracity of her time travel experience. I prayed to the angels when I was lonely.

We witness her begging the angels for company. We also witness the arrival of her ‘sister’, another very affectionate and loving little girl her age, invisible to everyone but Barbara.

She was like a sister to me. A sudden upsurge of emotion chokes her words. This was the twin sister Barbara wanted, needed and expected in this life. She protected and guided me.

Call on her now ask what your relationship is.

The ‘sister’ steps forward, now the same age as Barbara, and they look uncannily alike.

She says she is my twin. Is that possible?

Is it?, chips in my ‘silently observing’ apprentice.

Ask her to show you what happened to her.

Her sister takes us to a clinic that has a fresh 80s feel to it. Following the advice of her doctor, we see her unwell, pregnant mother attending for a termination, which was successful, for one of the twins. She had no idea that she was carrying twins and much later found out that she was still pregnant and went ahead with the birth even though it almost cost her life.

The sister that Barbara played with was indeed the spirit of her own aborted twin, who was so keen to experience life with her twin sister that she refused invitations to return home to light. Naturally when Barbara called for help she responded, not just for that time but for the next 35 years to the present day.

Realising that her twin sister was still with her now was an extremely emotional experience. This earthbound spirit was, with the most loving intention, preventing her from fulfilling her life’s purpose by blocking her access to her own intuition or higher self.

Barbara, can you see how her presence has affected your life?

Absolutely, but I love her. She is a lovely person and she loves me.

I know she does, but she has also taken you well away from your chosen path. Call on whoever is responsible for your recent illnesses and fatigue. Ask them to step forward.

It is best that she gets this explanation first-hand; not from me. A beautiful radiant goddess-like being joins us. It is Barbara’s higher self.

Please ask her to explain what is happening and why.

In order to resolve this situation Barbara’s higher self has created these mysterious illnesses so that she would seek the services of a shamanic healer and discover the truth. It took longer than expected but now the cause of the imbalance is revealed and may be addressed. Barbara has a few decisions to make.

After a lengthy and emotional discussion we agree that it would be best if her twin sister returns home to light. Then in due course she may reincarnate and experience life on this plane in her own right. We also affirm that, if possible, Barbara would love to nurture and help her twin when she was born again on this plane, possibly as her own child or close relative.

The two sisters part. It is a heart-rending experience.

We return Barbara to her body and she sits up wiping her eyes.

“I feel drained but I feel well, really well.”

“You will be tired tonight. Take it easy for the next few days. All the symptoms that you have been experiencing for the past few years should disappear, completely and permanently as of now. Let me know if they don’t.”

“I know. I feel that they have already gone, thank you.” She stands and leaves the studio without assistance.

“It’s a shame more people do not understand the indicators of a spiritual issue.” My apprentice returns shaking her head.

“It’s the twenty-first century. Some things were easier in the past”, I respond gazing at my crystals.

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