Hitting your head on a brick wall

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Hypno-coaching can help you to examine and release limiting thought patterns, change habits, and reframe beliefs that no longer support you.


What to do?

Have you ever, despite your best efforts and those of your coach, experienced the frustration, disappointment and disillusionment of failing to keep up motivation and momentum and not achieving what you set out to?

What happened then? Did you decide to simply try harder and redouble your efforts?

Sometimes it can feel like we’re simply ‘hitting our heads’ against a brick wall. Many of us then take a step back and re-evaluate our goals, confirming to ourselves that maybe the goal was simply too difficult, unrealistic, just not ‘meant to be’ or even branding ourselves as a ‘loser’.

One thing that’s often overlooked in the coaching process is the internal. Often there are subconscious blockages that are preventing us from achieving our goals.

Coaching that encourages you to go for a promotion, start up a new business, achieve fitness or health goals, and which simply focusses on external factors such as goal setting, action plans and developing motivation will not work long term if you have an inner core belief that you’re not good enough or don’t deserve more. Similarly, changing negative habits is difficult if these are working at a subconscious level to ‘keep you safe’. Mostly we are unaware of these internal beliefs, patterns and thoughts or how they are impacting us.

Hypno-coaching is a powerful form of coaching combining typical coaching techniques with hypnosis. Coaching works with your conscious mind to set goals, identify motivations and develop action plans to achieve this. Hypnosis is used to create a more holistic approach. It does this by identifying and eliminating any subconscious blockages to achievement of the goals. Hypno-coaching can be used to help you clarify your life purpose, direction and meaning. Also  to assist with career changes, business development, promotions, presentations, and attracting and improving relationships.

So how does hypno-coaching work?

The first part of the process is to ensure your goals are congruent with your values. Sometimes you may set goals for yourself that aren’t in harmony with what you really believe in and value. Asking yourself these sorts of questions can help you to reassess what you really want to achieve:

Why do I really want to achieve that goal?
How will it provide me with a sense of meaning and purpose?
Will it fulfil me?

The next part of the process is to align the goal with your subconscious beliefs, thoughts and habits. How do these support or sabotage you in achieving your goals? Hypno-coaching can help you to examine and release limiting thought patterns, change habits and reframe beliefs that no longer support you.

Imagine that these inner beliefs, habits, thoughts and behaviours are like invisible threads, holding you back from achieving all you desire. Hypno-coaching ‘shines the light’ on these negative influences, assisting in their removal, and, once free, progress towards your goals seems effortless.

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