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Holistic & transpersonal counselling

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Discover the transpersonal through counselling.



We experience growth in many forms, with or without the conscious connection of mind and soul. We encounter the spectrum of consciousness through physical, mental, emotional, psychological, cultural, social and spiritual experience. To connect to each facet of this spectrum is a lesson for each individual to master, and each lesson is individual.


Many of us first connect to our personal experience. We live and grow in our bodies, we develop our minds, experience our emotions and are challenged by our life lessons. Our challenges and trials become an integral part of the process as we endeavour to attain mastery. Through this we realise the fuller potential of the soul and transcend our more limited consciousness to include the higher wisdom, which is the transpersonal.


Gisele Hill is President of the Australian Association of Holistic & Transpersonal Counsellors.

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