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Looking for work and facing rejection

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Hong Curley answers readers’ questions


I am a 23 year old uni graduate. I have been looking for work but failed to find any. I am really scared of rejection and failure. I feel that I have no special qualities, and success is like a dream that is never going to happen. I am depressed and anxious and don’t know what to do. I often just want to give up. I feel like I am a coward. A friend gave me your book and many of your passages stirred up my desire to keep trying.  Can you please give me some guidance? Jordan.


My dear Jordan,

When you were a little child, you learned how to walk from failing hundreds of times. If you gave up, you would have never learnt to walk. So from a young age, you were programmed not to give up, not to be afraid of failure. You failed, you fell, you cried, you stumbled, you hurt yourself, time and time again, but you always stood up; you stumbled more and you dusted yourself off and kept going until you succeeded. What happened to you? What happened to this never-give-up spirit that you had when you were little? What took away your courage to face the failure, what destroyed your confidence, what made you into a coward who does not dare to face the world?

Find this entity and face it with your true courage. If you could stand up from  failure hundreds of times when you were ten months old, then you can do it again no matter what age you are now. Trust in your ability to step up – you were born with it. No one can take it away from you, Jordan.

If you have not taken any step for a while, try to just take one step forward. Don’t worry about what is around the corner. Whatever happens will be better than standing still, better than going rotten, better than feeling stuck. Take a step, and then another. If you fail, great – get up, dust yourself off, stand tall and keep going. You are now one step closer to your success!!! It is only by taking these steps that you can get anywhere at all.

Where you are going is a new place, full of opportunities, full of fresh new energy, fresh new ideas and fresh new life for you to explore and the beauty is that place is just around the corner. How do I know? Because I have been there. I have got here because I have done exactly what I just told you. I got here one step at a time…..many failures, lots of heartaches, rivers of tears, but I got here because I did not give up….

Jordan, there is a light inside you that is brighter than sunshine. There is a hero inside you that can get you through any challenge. There is a power inside you that is so great that whatever you can envision, you can achieve. There is a strength inside you that whatever comes your way, you can face it with courage and wisdom. So no matter what happens, know in your heart that you are more powerful than you think, braver than you can ever imagine, and wiser than you have ever known.

Everyone has something special to offer the world. You are no exception. You may not know just how special you are until you put your best foot forward and be the best you can in whatever you do. It is okay to be afraid to trust yourself, but it is not okay to give up on yourself. There is a giant deep inside you that yearns to be released and to express his power. Don’t run away from this deep calling. This calling is your desire to do more good than you can ever imagine. Believe in your creative power, as the future belongs to those who dare to live out loud. Imagine, dream to your heart’s desire, believe in miracles, have the faith of an acorn, then you can move any mountain, part any sea and walk any sky… then you will have the world in the palm of your hands.

Good luck to you Jordan.

Many blessings

Hong Curley



Hong Curley is a Chinese medical doctor specialising in psychological healing. She has earned her expert status from having conductor over 38,000 consultations so far. She is author of ‘Freedom to Love’.

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