How awakened are you?

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You’ve probably seen it on social media and heard it said by certain friends; “The world is waking up”. What does this mean, and, is it true?


“You are not the voice in your head, but the one who is aware of it.” – Eckhart Tolle 

There was a time when I listened to pop rock, drove like a hoon, smoked like a chimney, guzzled beer by the six-pack, and threw down cheese burgers like they were smarties.

Those brief golden years of my late-teen ignorant bliss — when lusting after a big guzzling car was as natural as rocking my mullet – my own personal awareness seemed perfectly mirrored by the world around me. We weren’t exactly aware. There was no web, limited social awareness, and global awareness was virtually non-existent. Multiculturalism was not exactly tolerated by the main stream — certainly not celebrated – the average person’s prejudice manifesting as xenophobia, racism, sexism, and ageism.

On the ‘more-privileged’ side of the fence, we spent our childhood and teenage years with Dallas and Dynasty on the TV; great social barometers that attested our beliefs that bigger was definitely better. Education was there to help you get the best possible job, to get you the most amount of money, and to amass the most amount of power.

Elitism was rife; in our private schools, the cut and thrust of the corporate world was idolised, and our ethics became the more malleable the greater the potential gain. Many believed success came on the back of others’ losses, and many of us were OK with that.

On the ‘less-privileged’ side of the fence, the so-called ‘Australian convict-mentality’ was palpable, along with an underdog streak (which was more anti-elitist than it was egalitarian). Generally speaking, the average worker was either mindlessly slaving away in lower-middle class office and management jobs, or made up the highly unionised trades & manufacturing working class. They may have fought for their workers’ rights, but they were also, by and large, accepting of their ‘lot’. Dreaming big wasn’t part of their upbringing. Doing what you loved was pretty much unheard of. For them bigger was also better, after all, we all watched the same movies, read the same mags and saw the same ads.

So what’s changed? The most cynical would say ‘not much’, and on some level they may be right; the human animal is very clever at pretending to ‘do good’, to ‘be good’, and to appear to change for the better, whilst secretly looking after numero uno and not changing at all. One of my friends says that our apparent ‘higher awareness’ is a first world luxury, and that we would all be exposed for what we really are if we had to work 18-hour days to survive; had no time for yoga, retreats, enlightened literature, web research, and workshops.

The cynics aside, there are many signs humanity is indeed ‘waking up’. It feels to many as if we reached some kind of tipping point, and that the worst of humanity and the best of humanity seem to be expressing at their highest levels all at once; those who have made truth, love, and loving compassion their number one priority, and those who fear and mistrust this (and/ or have vested interests in maintaining the opposite).

What is awakening exactly?

“Human consciousness is not static, fixed once and for all. It’s the product of a long evolutionary development and is capable of further development. In the thirty- or fifty-thousand-year history of the species we proudly call Homo sapiens, the human body didn’t change significantly, but human consciousness did. And it can change again.

I believe that quantum consciousness could be the next stage in the evolution of our consciousness — and that this evolution could be our salvation.  

Here I call ‘quantum consciousness’ the consciousness we access when we use the potentials of our quantum-computer brain.  

Our brain is a macroscopic quantum system, yet we use it as if it were exclusively a classical biochemical system.

With its quantum-system functions, our brain can receive information not only from our eyes and ears, but directly from the wider world with which we are “entangled” — nonlocally connected.

Insightful people throughout history, whether shamans or scientists, poets or prophets, have extensively used this capacity, innate to all human beings. “

László Ervin, Philosopher of Science and Integral Theorist

I am in a fortunate position of seeing people wake up and transform on a daily basis. As a meditation master and healing facilitator, I am delighted to see so many people come to me already awakened. More people arrive at my clinic with an awakened awareness – looking to integrate their awakening into their lives and to embody it – than people with ‘issues’. And what I enjoy most of all, is that people’s ‘issues’ are no longer as harshly judged as they once were (whether by themselves or others). Increasingly, people realise that what may appear as their ‘problems’, dys-functions, habits and dis-ease/ symptoms, reveal as breakthroughs waiting to happen. These breakthroughs, or awakenings, lead into more expansive states of consciousness.

Don’t you know yet? It’s your light that lights the worlds.” Rumi, 13thC. Islamic Scholar

Awakening — as I experience it myself – is becoming aware of a truth one can know and feel and trust wholeheartedly, but which may not be understood rationally. It’s about seeing, feeling and knowing that which is, and always has been, beyond ordinary awareness. It’s not about ‘becoming’; it’s about revealing one’s own true being.

The ‘authentic self’ is no self at all; it is the soul made visible…

Once awakened, people tend to know and feel oneness and wholeness. Once they do, their efforts for a better life become more about ‘integration’; the act of choosing to embody these revelations and insights, and bridging the gap between their inner and outer realities.

What are the signs of Awakening?

Here are some insights which the awakened mind may enjoy:

  • I am an integral and inseparable part of the world. The world is not outside of me, and I am not outside of the world. The world is in me, and I am in the world.
  • Nature and I are one. I am in communion with all living things and beings. We are each irreducible and part of a coherent whole, expressing as life on this planet.
  • I am part of society, and society is part of me. I am in communion with each and all my fellow humans. I am an irreducible and coherent whole with the community of humans on the planet.
  • I am more than a physical material organism. My body, and its cells and organs, are embodiments; manifesting what is truly me: a self-sustaining, self-evolving dynamic system arising, persisting and evolving in interaction with everything around me.
  • I am embodied manifestation of the evolutionary impulse toward coherence and wholeness in the universe. It is the same essence, the same spirit that is inherent in all the things, which arises and evolves in nature and all existence and experience.
  • All is relative, and every point of view is a personal reality. Every one and every thing is a self-maintaining and self-evolving coherent wholeness- oriented system.
  • There are no absolute boundaries and divisions in this world, only transition points. where one relativity/ set of relations yields prevalence to another.
  • The separate identity I attach to my self or other humans and things, is but a convenient convention that facilitates my interaction with them.
  • My family and my community are just as much ‘me’ as the organs of my body. There are no ‘others’ in the world.
  • Attempting to maintain the system I know as ‘me’ by competing with the system I know as ‘you’, is a serious mistake. When I harm you, I harm myself.
  • Collaboration, not competition, is the royal road to the wholeness that hallmarks healthy systems in the world.
  • Scarcity is an illusion, bred by a belief in a separate self, and its resultant dualistic thinking.

* The above list is partially original, partially quoted, partially paraphrased, inspired by László Ervin, Philosopher of Science and Integral Theorist

“The one you are looking for is the one who is looking.”
St. Francis of Assisi

How can I integrate my awakened awareness into the world?

It’s one thing having an intellectual understanding. It’s another to have a direct undeniable experience. It’s something altogether alien to actually fully realise our insights and to embody them in thought, feeling and deed. We all struggle with this ‘integration’ of our realisations into our everyday life and reality.

So how can you embody awakened awareness? Furthermore, how can you do it with minimal destruction for the ‘structures’ of your life; like relationships, mortgage, finances, career etc?

This, in my experience, is, paradoxically, the hardest and simplest of all actions. The leap of faith is the joyfully easy leap of a child, and the leap-to-death of an adult. If we leap, will we grow wings?

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”, Gandhi supposedly said. What does this mean? Ask yourself: How would you feel, how would you think, how would you act –what state of being would you inhabit– if the world and all in it were made of love?

Imagine what would happen if you allow your actions to be governed by your preferred state of being. Imagine what would happen, if you did this regardless of how your reality appears…

“It is no use walking anywhere to preach unless our walking is our preaching.”

St. Francis of Assissi

Try this: Be, live and conduct yourself as if reality had caught up with your heart and soul, and with your preferred vision of a future reality. Then give it space. Time. Trust it. Allow it to unfold beyond any need for control. Find the place in you that KNOWS, feels and trusts with ease. Watch. Marvel. To me, this is a return to magic of childhood and its unbridled delight.

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Boris von Rechenberg DCH RM DOT, is a transformational energy healer, meditation teacher and coach; combining transpersonal counselling, holistic psychology and quantum hypnotherapy with source energetics. Based in Melbourne, he helps others rediscover true self, ease, abundance and wellness through whole being.

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