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How do you live your spirituality?

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We asked Dr Eric Pearl, the man behind The Reconnection – indeed the man who discovered it as a powerful healing force – how he lives his spirituality. We were delighted to see that his answers fitted in with another article in this very issue: ‘How to have an abundant and enriched life’.

How do you live your spirituality?

I live my spirituality by learning to observe, by learning to witness, and by learning to observe and witness with as little judgment as possible. In doing so I allow myself to recognise even more.

Do you have any rituals or a special spiritual practice?

I think my spiritual practice would be considered quite simple by some, and it is simply that I say thank you to God, to Love, to the Universe, every morning. Once in a while, I forget, and I don’t beat myself up for forgetting. I say thank you again the next morning.

Do you believe you have to live by certain rules to be your spiritual self?

I believe that when we recognise that we are everyone and that everyone is us, suddenly we don’t need to learn about or focus on ‘rules’ because our natural behaviour falls in to perfect alignment with the universe.

What do you recommend to people who are struggling with finding their place?

I would say to them, look at every person that you see – people you know and people who are strangers to you – and ask yourself, “How can I recognise myself in that person? How can I give something of me, if only in a smile, to another person?”

Find something that you can give to one person that might make them smile each and every day. You will find that you are giving it to more and more people. And somewhere in that practice you will begin to discover what you have to give, what makes your heart sing, and the next thing you know you will be on your most wondrous path.


Dr Eric Pearl is the founder of The Reconnection and will be in Australia conducting classes in October, 2014.

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