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How to get through the end-of-year madness in one piece

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It’s ironic how, at this time of year, our physical and mental strain increases, but our self-care, relaxation time and sleep decrease. Boris says that anybody with half a clue can see that it’s not long before we’re headed for disaster. So he’s done some research and compiled a list of seven essentials from your health food store.

So, it’s getting to the pointy end of the year, and your to-do list is turning into a monster. Despite all your plans to do it differently this year, you know it’s going to be another manic dash to Christmas and the end of the year.

Whether it’s work, relationships, social, family or other commitments, we all get swept up in the frenetic rush one way or another as we try to get things completed, working to deadlines, scrambling to reach targets, goals and objectives while ‘trying’ to stay sane and healthy.

Each year we seem to just scrape through; only to arrive into the new year with new scratches and bruises, somewhat dazed and confused, vowing never to repeat the experience again.

Have you found that any good habits you have cultivated throughout the year are thrown out the window come December?

Where’s the energy going to come from when we demand more of ourselves, while simultaneously starving our bodies of vital nurture and fundamental self-care?

And the last thing we can afford is to get sick – right?

“Okay, okay, okay”, you might say, “It’s too late to change the situation now. My to-do list isn’t going to tick off itself! Tell me how can I get through it.”

We all know that, in an ideal world, the desired extra performance requires plenty of R.S.C. … Rest. Sleep. Calm.

While we are speaking of ideals, how about not skipping meals and eating well, enjoying home-cooked meals prepared from natural fresh organic ingredients.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah… That’s impossible! I don’t think I’ll have time to go to the gym – or even do yoga – between now and Christmas, let alone #^@%* rest, sleep and eat well.”

Okay – so I’m just having a bit of fun – a cheeky stir. Let’s face it, monks and pensioners are going to be able to maintain good habits in December, but what about the rest of us?

Let’s get serious then

How do you get through the coming month unscathed, ticking off your list, doing your stuff, having some fun along the way, and managing to stay healthy and sane throughout it all?

The good news is that there’s help at hand.

There’s a lot of new products on the market, which, together with a few older favourites, can keep your system balanced and you out of trouble.

So I did some independent research and then dropped into the local health food store to set them a challenge.

“What if I had $200 to spend to take me through into the new year in one piece, feeling great?”

That’s the question I asked the health food store. They asked, “Why $200?”, and that’s a good question. It may interest you that this is about the average cost of a big night out, including food and drink. And when you are forced to put a price on your health and sanity during the most high-stress time of the year, it seemed an okay number that wouldn’t sting the pocket too hard.

The priorities here are to boost the immune system, tonify and strengthen the body, improve food absorption and support cellular energy creation, calm the nerves and mind, and, finally, facilitate deep restful sleep.

Seven essentials for ‘health during busy times’ with RRP of $218.95 for a month’s supply

Essential #1 – Multivitamin

If you don’t already take a multivitamin, this is the time of year to consider it. Make sure to select a multivitamin which includes minerals and antioxidants.

Essential #2 – Nutritional Powder

There are a couple of different brands of super convenient green nutritional powders, which are easy to mix with juice or water. Perfect for short periods of intense activity. They may also have a strong alkalising and antioxidant effect.

Essential #3 – Probiotic

Maintaining healthy gut flora maintains a healthy immune system, improves digestion, reduces toxicity and free radicals. They may also reduces gas and bloating; so if you’re struggling to squeeze your gut into a little black dress or an extra slim-fit shirt, you can get that added benefit.

Essential #4 – Co-enzyme Q10

Co-Enzyme Q10, AKA Co-Q10, helps cells produce energy better. It also supports cardiovascular health. Note when shopping, that Ubiquinol is believed to absorb substantially better than Ubidecarenone. [See article about Ubiquinol in November, 2014, LivingNow – in print and online. Ed.]

Essential #5 – Magnesium

Helps improve the physiological response to stress by promoting relaxation, flexible and supple muscles, and may support sound sleep. Good against night cramps. Bonus effect is help with PMT. There are a few different ways of taking a magnesium supplement. Be sure to talk to knowledgeable staff re absorption. I’ve had good results with both a magnesium powder, containing four types of magnesium, as well as a magnesium ‘oil’ spray, made up of magnesium extracted from Dead Sea salt, which is massaged into the skin.

Essential #6 – Olive leaf extract

Olive leaf extract is known for its antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral effects, which are claimed to not only boost immunity, but also support the physiological conditions for improved mental health. Some brands add in probiotics and/or fermented papaya and pomegranate.

Essential #7 – Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly is a highly concentrated food source, and is what bees feed their queen. It is known as a great all-round tonic. (Note, if you are allergic to bee-stings, this is a no-no for you.)

The health food shop staff remarked,”But if you took all those, you’d be glowing like a light globe!!!”

‘Perfect!’, I thought. Let’s face it, as long as we are safely sticking to suggested doses, to light up from inside is exactly what we want – right?

Increased energy, clarity, better sleep, focus, effectiveness, and much needed sense of wellbeing.What price can you put on that?

And, if you’re a slow learner like me, how good is it to have the luxury of health, the gift of well-being and the energy to go out and repeat your mistakes all over again next year?



Although Boris has a professional holistic health background, the advice given is general advice only, from one consumer to another. No warranties are made or responsibilities taken. If in doubt, consult with your local health food store, chemist, naturopath, doctor or other health care professional.


Boris von Rechenberg, DoCH, combines transpersonal psychology and hypnotherapy with quantum source energetics, theta healing and reiki. He is based in Melbourne and helps others live their bliss, live on purpose, and create rapid change and healing.

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