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How to have an abundant and enriched life

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When we take the decision to enrich others with our life, we also enrich our own lives, and ultimately may experience enlightenment.


I tell you from my own experience, when I decided that any wealth which gathers around me is for others, the cosmos showered me with more wealth than I need, even for the work I am doing.

I have also decided that all my knowledge is for others; I am not going to keep anything secret. I have decided that all my knowledge is for others, and I tell you, the cosmos goes on showering more and more knowledge on me. Even I do not know how I am giving new concepts every day, giving deeper and deeper insights!

Decide that life is for others, and all the best things will be showered on you!

From the age of 14 to 17 I suffered with the attitude that the world is out there to cheat me! Even when I was in my own house, I felt like a poor beggar. At the age of 17, I left the house, but with completion, and the attitude of enriching myself and others. Though I lived as a wandering monk from the age of 17 to 25, begging even for my food, I felt and lived only like a king. I went on enriching people, even though I never had anything in my hands and was dependent on others for everything. I saw that I was always adding to whoever came into my breathing space. I felt only fulfilled and expanded.

As long as I was thinking that the world is there to cheat me, I was only shrinking.

Enriching expands you

When you look at yourself with the attitude of ‘How can I enrich me?’, you will be healed, you will feel complete with yourself.

In the same way, when you look at others with the idea, ‘How can I enrich them?’, your relationship with them will be healed. You will feel comfortable with them and you will feel complete with them.

One of the most important truths about life which you need to understand and contemplate on is this: enriching others constantly expands the possibilities of your life. Whether it is your business or your relationships in the family or your relationships in society – in every area, in every dimension, when you live with the principle of ‘enriching’, your life will flow so beautifully, so smoothly, so strongly. In fact, in any dimension of your life where you want expansion, just start enriching.

Enriching – the best way to relate

Human beings relate with others in so many ways – through lust, through fear, through confusion, through hatred, through jealousy, through attention need. Enriching is the only possible way you can relate with the universe, with others, which can expand you also. You can relate with others in so many ways, but nothing is going to expand you, make you powerful, make you complete, like the method of enriching. The basic principle through which you relate with others should be ‘enriching’. Whether it is the relationship with others or the relationship with God, it should be from the attitude of enriching.

Your creativity is your contribution to the cosmos

You may ask, ‘How can we enrich God?’ Your creativity can enrich God!

Your creativity is your contribution to the cosmos. It is something which was not there in the cosmos – you created it, you expanded it, you expressed it! Maybe whatever was needed for you to express your creativity was there in the cosmos, but putting everything together, allowing the alchemy of creativity to happen, and sharing it, enriching it, is your contribution. Whether you look at you or look at others, look at everything with this one angle: ‘How can I enrich?’ The best life on earth is the alchemy of creativity.

Why should I enrich others when they don’t care for me?

Now you may wonder, ‘Why should I constantly enrich others when nobody cares for me?’ You may even have very logical arguments, supporting facts and figures and all kinds of evidence for why you need not enrich others, but those arguments are only going to be like a grinding wheel in your inner space. Such thoughts will constantly create so much of friction inside you, grinding you continuously, and literally eating you from inside.

Actually, you can collect evidence for any case you create; it does not need to be true! You can prove anything you want! You can build the case for the statement, ‘Everything is God’, and you can also collect evidence for the statement, ‘Everything is devil’. You can create evidence for both. It depends on what cognition you want to support.

How to expand life

Remove the friction from your thinking. When you have the idea, ‘Why should I enrich others when they are not even ready to receive what I am giving, when they are not even sensitive towards me?’, you only create suffering for yourself. You can go on thinking like this, but you will only be shrinking in life. This constant irritation will naturally make your thinking very limited. You will not take up anything which is new, expansive and adventurous; you will not explore or express your possibilities. Friction will create so much negativity in your thinking that you will not even reach the space of positivity.

Remove the friction and positivity happens

The first step you need to reach for success is the space of positivity; then, the space of possibility; then, the space of leadership; and finally you will reach the space of enlightenment. Understand, only when you remove the friction from your thinking, will the space of positivity happen.

Life happens with others

Life is the sum total of your interactions with others. This is a fundamental truth of life. Life is all about relating with others. No one is an island. Every identity, every relationship you carry in your life, will become complete only when the other side of the relationship is also complete. You can be a good mother only when your son is complete with you. Only when your husband is complete with you as a wife, can you be a good wife. Only when your father and mother are complete with you as a good son or daughter, will you be a good son or daughter.

Only when your employee is complete with you as a boss, will you be a good boss. Only when each one of my disciples is complete, am I complete as a guru. Withdrawal from others is not completion. It can only be called irresponsible retirement.

Take the first step

Unfortunately, you come to the conclusion – before even starting to enrich others – that they can never be complete. ‘You don’t know my boss! Anybody can be complete on earth, but not him. Unless I start 25 companies and give them to him, he is not going to be complete!’

You start with so much negative possibility that you never reach the end; in fact, you never even take the first step!

Making the other side complete is not difficult. All you need to do is remove the friction you carry about the other person. When you add the lubrication of enriching in your heart, the other side is automatically healed. When you have the attitude of enriching, suddenly so much of the friction in you melts down. With the attitude of enriching, you will feel so fulfilled even in your profession.

People tell me, “Swamiji, integrity and authenticity can be practised in other fields. In my field it is impossible”. Constantly, without even applying these principles in life, you come to the conclusion and decide, ‘This cannot be practised’.

Try to apply this principle: start thinking from the angle of enriching others. You will see how easy it is, because actually everyone is waiting to complete with you. If you are feeling incomplete with somebody, be very clear, they are also feeling incomplete with you. They are waiting for you to complete with them. Nobody is here to exploit you. Nobody is here to cheat you.

Jumpstart enlightenment

Life is for others. What beautiful words!

Compared to them, words like ‘love everyone’ are too poor. Life is for others! It is a powerful technique to get out of any root patterns you carry. You will get back to the space where you were when you were born – the purest space of life!

If anybody wants to jumpstart enlightenment, enriching is the technique! Decide from this moment, ‘life is for others’. Everything will disappear – your insecurity, fear, anger, greed. All your root patterns will become rootless patterns.

Just decide, ‘life is for others’ and you will be showered by life with wealth, knowledge and energy.


This article was adapted by Ramanujam Desikan from a discourse given by Paramahamsa Nithyananda in a daily talk broadcast on YouTube.


Ramanujam Desikan is inspired by teachings of  the living enlightened Master Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda, a global leader in the science of enlightenment and the founder of Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam. Ramanujam conducts free meditation classes around Australia.

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