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How to make wiser decisions

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How to make wiser decisions – and influence the quality of the rest of your life

High quality decisions lead to a successful and fulfilled life. Dumb decisions add unnecessary suffering. We reveal how to use your three brains wisely.


A decision I made years ago has haunted me for a long time, decades even. In hindsight, it was plainly dumb. I won’t tell you what it is because I’m embarrassed about it. Bet you have made dumb decisions too. We all have.

Truth is, the quality of your life right at this moment is, in large part, a result of all the millions of decisions you have made thus far in your life. The higher the quality of decision making, the wiser choices and rewards you reap.

Pity I didn’t know then what I know now. You may have heard we have three ‘brains’, ‘neural networks’ or ‘intelligences’. They are located in our head, heart and gut. This comes from the latest research from the fields of neuroscience, neurocardiology and neurogastroenterology. It’s implications are wide ranging.

When we make a decision that excludes the intelligence or insights of any of the three brains, we rob ourselves of invaluable and sometimes crucial information. Further, if you are in a stressed ordepressed state, you are not likely to have easy access to these intelligences or their innate functionality.

The autonomic nervous system (ANS) regulates many functions including the access you have to these three intelligences. When you’re in a balanced state you can experience, it’s called the ‘sweet spot’.





Being present

Peace, joy, love

Will power

Flow states





Relaxed, calm




Balanced perspective

Passion, purpose, direction

Motivation, drive


However, if you are in an unbalanced state, you can expect any of the following: self-sabotage, anxiety, depression, feeling lost, confused, weak boundaries, scattered thinking, giving to others but not self, mood swings, joylessness, panic attacks, overeating, addictions, emotional numbness, disconnectedness from passion, feeling burnt out, not living fully, loneliness, being over-vigilant, unmotivated, procrastinating, overwhelmed, resentful, indifferent, guarded, obsessive, lethargic, impulsive, in turmoil….

Happily, there is a solution – controlled ‘balanced breathing’. This can reset the autonomic nervous system into a balanced, receptive state and allow access to all areas… meaning we can get to the good stuff again

How to do balanced breathing

1.     Breathe slowly and deeply into your belly (not your chest).

2.     As you breathe in, allow your belly to rise. As you breathe out, allow your belly to fall.

3.     Time your ‘in and out’ breath to take around six seconds each way.

4.     Think ‘smooth velvet breathing’.

5.     Do this for two to five minutes.

By now you will be feeling more relaxed and calm.

Here’s how you make wiser decisions

  1. Continue the balanced breathing
  2. Now consider the issue or decision you want insights about
  3. Breathe into, and focus your attention on, the area around your chest and heart. Ask your ‘heart intelligence’ – What is important about this decision/issue? Pay attention to any messages, words, feelings, sensations or images that occur. Don’t judge; simply pay attention.
  4. Then, when you are ready, move your awareness up into your ‘head’ brain and ask the same question – What is important about this decision/issue? Again pay attention to any messages, thoughts or images that occur. They may be very different from or similar to the response from your heart brain. Don’t judge, simply pay attention.
  5. Now move your awareness down to your gut brain, and as before, ask –What is important about this decision/issue? You may notice different types of messages or sensations – and that’s fine. Simply pay attention.
  6. Bring your awareness back into full consciousness and consider the fresh insights (or confirmations) you have received, and make your decision from a multiple brain perspective.
  7. Finally, I personally like to thank each ‘brain’ for playing… they seem to like acknowledgement and appreciation!

By the way, not all my decisions have been dumb. Happily I have made some very wise and profound decisions. Living in the Eco Village in Currumbin Valley on the Gold Coast is one of them. We’re in heaven. We adore every day here.


Bill Lee-Emery is an international speaker, mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Technique) coach and mBIT Master Trainer. He lives on the Gold Coast, Queensland, and delights in talking to his veggie patch. It keeps him balanced.

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