How to love your body

How to love your body

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Is your relationship with your body that of a harsh critic or a loving friend? Here are some powerful ways to improve your friendship with your closest ally.

When you stand naked in front of the mirror, are you nurturing your body with loving compliments? Are you praising the shape of your curves, adoring your exquisite eyes, cherishing your superb smile, thinking, “Wow, I get more and more beautiful each day?”

Or is it the opposite; are you judging how ‘imperfect’ your body is, saying that your thighs are fat, your tummy needs a tuck, or pointing out your splotchy skin and wrinkles to yourself?

Now imagine this: if a friend talked to you this way, would you still be friends? The likely answer is no. If someone judged you as harshly as you judge your body, you would’ve cut this friend out of your life because this kind of relationship negatively affects your health.

Emotions reflected in the water

In an experiment by Dr. Masaru Emoto, water was exposed to both positive and negative thoughts in the form of verbal expression, then crystalised and  observed under a microscope to see if there was a difference. As it turned out, the ‘negative’ energy transformed the water crystals into deformed, abnormal, asymmetrical shapes, while the ‘positive energy’ did the opposite; the water crystals formed radially symmetrical snowflake-like patterns.

Incredible, right? If thoughts can have this impact on water – which our bodies are 60% composed of – imagine how much they can do to us. Our body is our constant companion, and the relationship that we forge with it can actually have a drastic effect on how it shows up for us.

Befriending the body

The first step in mending this relationship is understanding judgment. Judgment is a chosen perspective that does not reflect the reality of what is being judged. Although you may be thinking, “My thighs are just fat. Look at them. This isn’t a negative judgment; it is an accurate way of describing what I see,” this is in fact a judgment, not reality.

When you go out into nature, do you judge a tree branch for being too thick or thin, or for having too much bark or too few leaves? Or do you simply witness the tree’s beauty in all its stages of life?

What if your body is that tree? What if you could love yourself no matter the season, marvelling at the ever-changing divine vessel that is your body?

You have the power to choose to think loving, positive, life-giving thoughts toward your beautiful body so that it, like the water in the experiment, can live in perfect harmony as the beautiful unique snowflake it truly is.

Body judgment release

Step #1: Get naked in front of a mirror. Notice the negative judgments as they come up.

Step #2: Give loving attention and send life-giving gratitude and positive compliments toward that place in your body.

Here is an example of a loving conversation you could have with your thighs: “I’m sorry that I judged you as fat. That was very unkind of me. Just like a tree, you’re not fat, you’re just you, and I love you! The truth is, if I didn’t have you in my life, I wouldn’t get to enjoy hiking, dancing, walking, or my aerobics class. You bring such joy into my life! You are so strong! Thank you for carrying me around. I am so grateful for you!”

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