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How to use the power of your own light to guide and heal

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Your soul has never forgotten your plan, your purpose. The more you wake up and start to remember you are a star, the easier it becomes to guide and heal yourself.

Imagine yourself as a star, filled with the desire to embark on a great new adventure, making the trajectory into a small, human body. You’ve come with everything that you need; it’s all within you. You’ve come from an all-knowing, all-loving place of perfection…and then you dive into the deep end. The trials and tribulations of being a human begin. You are bombarded with limiting beliefs from parents, families, society. You get wounded, hurt, disillusioned. Human emotions are dense and heavy, and we can drown in them. You begin to feel powerless to external circumstances and blame everything and everyone around you. The freewill you possess can find you making undesirable choices.

You forget you are a star.

This was driven home to me in a conversation I had recently at a MindBodySpirit Festival. A passerby and I were having a profound and in-depth conversation about human consciousness and its survival beyond death. After this seemingly amazing conversation he said, “Oh it sounds incredible! But I am really after guidance and wisdom. I’m going to have a reading”.


It’s akin to having the private phone number to the Prime Minister’s office, but choosing to call the receptionist instead.

Why do we look to others to guide and heal us? Without a doubt therapists and other professionals can facilitate healing. We get stuck in our patterns. We have blind spots and get lost. Getting help to navigate through life’s hurdles can be invaluable but, ultimately, therapists and healers are assisting you to connect with your highest self – you are doing the healing.

The more you wake up and start to remember you are a star, the easier it becomes to guide and heal yourself.

You see, your soul is there, whispering in your ear all the time. It has never forgotten your plan, your purpose.

By connecting with your soul and living a soul-centred life you can move with the flow of life, understand the language of your soul, the signs and synchronicities, the intricate and beautiful design of absolutely every experience you encounter. It’s all perfect.

That doesn’t mean that, when your heart gets broken, or you lose your job, or have a car accident, or get evicted from your home, you don’t experience the human emotions or escape feeling the trauma of those types of challenges. They can feel like real setbacks.

But when you deeply trust and acknowledge that you are a soul having a human experience, you bounce back more quickly. You start to look at every challenging event with an air of curiosity. Some of the best questions you can ask yourself are:

  • What is this demonstrating to me?
  • What pattern is replaying here?
  • What do I need to address to resolve this?

Allow yourself the quiet time to hear the responses.

Sometimes you are not in possession of all the pieces of the jigsaw – you don’t know the big picture and understand what’s occurring – and that is when you must simply trust that your soul is taking care of things and it will all work out for the best. It always does. So let go and relax. All the worry in the world doesn’t change anything. In fact it can only attract more of the same energy.

Living a soul-centred life means you need to practise these things every day:

Use your intuition – practise, practise, practice all the time, trust the first impression that pops into your mind, find a development circle, do psychometry readings on friends, before you see the name on your phone, intuit who is calling. You need to trust your intuition, your inner voice; so you don’t second-guess yourself.

Follow your heart – it knows what the soul wants. It’s your soul’s GPS. It won’t lead you astray. Let me underline the importance of this: you cannot make a wrong choice when you follow your heart. This entirely removes the difficulties out of decision-making. When my eight-year-old son asks me what he should do, I simply remind him, “What does your heart want?”, and he always knows.

Forget most of what your head tells you – particularly when it’s fear-based – that’s your ego, your conscious mind. Its job is to keep you small, safe and doesn’t always provide you with the most beneficial strategies.

Take time out for silence – yes silence! No internet, no computer games, TV, radio, books, kids, distractions, driving…just silence, and try ten minutes a day. How your soul craves to have that time with you so you can listen to what it has to say.

Rise above the human emotions that have low vibration– fear, depression, hopelessness, despair, hatred. These are heavy emotions that keep you stuck, like a bee in a honey-pot, floundering helplessly. “A human cannot hold a state for over 20 minutes”, according to Dr Alexander R Lees in a 2012 EFT World Summit interview, and you cannot be in two states at the same time. So choose a better state – find the funniest movie and watch it, put on the most upbeat music, go hang out with your funniest friend…do anything to raise your vibration.

Keep your focus on your outcome, your vision – this is where you will make a giant leap. It’s so easy to focus on the obstacles because they are there in your face. Rather, pick up your awareness like a crawling baby heading towards the power point, and shift it to where you want to go.

In challenging times, take more time to connect with your soul through meditation, hypnosis and journalling. Ask the questions I mentioned above. Receive the answers.

The most wondrous shift from choosing to life a soul-centred life is that you can no longer be a victim when you wake up and remember you are a star. Instead of allowing external circumstances to influence your state of mind, you allow your state of mind to influence your circumstances.

The power is within you. The power of a star!

Kathryn is a clinical hypnotherapist specialising in past life regression and ‘Life Between Lives’ therapy. She is proudly one of an elite, global group of 250 spiritual regressionists certified by Dr Michael Newton.



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