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The importance of graphics in advertising

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Have YOU mastered the art of advertising?


Visual impact

Isn’t it interesting how just about the whole population has become more graphically aware?! More fine-tuned when it comes to pictures. Of course, humans have always been generally very visual creatures. But the focus on images in our messages has become much sharper, don’t you think?

For those of you who read the physical version, you may have noticed that recently LivingNow magazine has more pictures. (As well as the 100 pages of silky paper and the satin cover – yes, very tactile too).

If you’re considering promotion with us, we want you to have more beautifully graphic ads with plenty of spaciousness. We know they will work better for you than little ones, and will come up a treat on the gorgeous paper!

Hints regarding graphics in your advertising

  • If you are personally involved in your business, consider using your own photo too. This way, people can see who they are dealing with. You can use both an impacting graphic and your own photo as you see in this ad with the impacting green Ganesha
  • If your message is from the whole organisation, you could use a quirky drawing that reinforces the content in the headline as you see in the eye-catching 1/4 page here
  • If what you promote is hard to depict in graphics, you can choose a picture of someone who is happy with their results, or a whole group of people who are learning what you offer. Both the ads here have taken that approach, and one has the added benefit of including himself in the picture as the principal trainer. That’s been done really well in this ad too – though it is a full page ad.
  • If your own photo is fresh, engaging and friendly, feel free to use that nice and big and without any other graphics. See how it is done here (plus incorporating a little logo) in the ad on the bottom right

What else can you do with your new handsome ad?

Apart from the fact that your ad will stand out and flag down our readers, and will be visible in print and the virtual magazine. These ads include live links directly to your website and/or email address –
•    It will easily upsize. You can then use it as a flyer (either A4 or A5)
•    Use it as an attachment to your emails
•    You can use a downsized version in social media. Be aware of how much text you have in it (it will affect the size of the type when reduced)
•    It could look really good on your website. (Especially good if you don’t already have a cool, graphic approach)

We look forward to SEEING your beautiful ads!

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