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The benefits of improving your driving skills

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When you improve your driving skills and abilities, getting behind the wheel is ultimately a winning trifecta for drivers, passengers and pedestrians alike.

Regardless of learner or seasoned driver status, everyone in control of their vehicle owes it to themselves and those in their immediate vicinity to exercise defensive driving skills. To not only last a lifetime, but also for the benefit of all concerned.

Adrenaline is renowned for offering Australia-wide adventure experiences on land, water, and in the air. But drivers can also ground themselves and build upon their driving techniques to become assertive, confident and in-control technicians.

Driving desires

Take to the road and learn the basis for driving practises that drive your safety and enjoyment levels further. Adrenaline offers a range of defensive driving courses conducted by leading practitioners in road-worthiness skills, technical know-how and safety.

Drivers of all ages, experience, and objectives reap the rewards of in-depth training and tuition. This is usually conducted over a full-day course. If you’re a learner driver, you’ll receive the tools and building blocks for establishing best practice techniques whenever you take to the road. Similarly, experienced drivers benefit from the correction of poor techniques or bad driving habits that have become ritualistic or ingrained. Most of us could do with a little upgrade!

Increase your skills

You’ll also learn how to brake properly. And, importantly, when to stop and at what distance you should apply the pedal to the metal. These intensive defensive courses also cover skid-control techniques, and reaction times. Learn about the need for less speed, or when to increase speed. Discover important facts about basic car dynamics. 

Most of the time, you’ll be learning these all-important on-road techniques in your own vehicle. This provides renewed inner confidence in your abilities, and an improved personal driving experience.

Adrenaline offers full-day defensive driving courses in Sydney at:

  • Eastern Creek
  • Sydney Motorsport Park
  • Quakers Hill in Western Sydney

Victorian drivers of all proficiencies can take part in defensive driving courses at:

  • Sandown Raceway
  • Tabcorp Park Stadium
  • Phillip Island Circuit

When in Brisbane, engage in a defensive driving course at:

  • LakesideAdrenaline logo
  • Mt Cotton
  • Cornubia
  • There are also courses offered in Townsville, Mackay and Cairns

South Australians should make a beeline for the Adelaide International Raceway to learn the fine art of defensive driving at its best.

All packages, including course details, pricing, contact and technical information, are available online at Adrenaline. You could also check their Facebook page.

So whether you’re booking a defensive driving course for your precious L or P-plater, or beloved senior, you, they and everyone around them will benefit from their confidence-boosting, assertive, knowledgeable and lifelong safety skills acquired in a defensive driving course.

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